From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.28

What's your Top 5 favourite instrumentals?


Here's 5 of my all-time Grime instrumentals. Respect to all the producers and artists who have contributed.

Wiley-Eskimo A founding grime instrumental which can quite easily be described the signal(identity) beat of where grime started.

BigE D Frontline This iconic instrumental brings back the memory of Deja Vu 92.3 D double E , Footsie and Monkey tearing it up and setting levels

Dexplicit-No my first ever grime feature release came over this beat back in 2005 with Fire Camp, sick beat and the history of the track speaks for itself.

Rapid-Top 3 Selected this beat always had the type of energy I loved to flow with, famously know for Ghetts' vocal 'Top3 Selected' is a stomper in my list

JME- 96 bars of revenge
I used to write so many bars over this beat, when ever I heard it on a set I was bullying for the mic to spray rounds.



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My top 5 in no particular order

1. Storm produced by Wookie
This is the type of grime instrumental that doesn't need an mc to spit over it, it is literally a storm.
From start to finish this track is like a story unfolding that keeps getting better.

2. Jaws produced by Platinum 45
This track is just raw energy and aggression, and with the jaws sample at the beginning it just sets the tone for a murking spree.

3. Pulse X produced by Musical Mob
As a musical piece it was pretty simple but oh my lard was it effective.
The 8 bar switch up makes mcing on this beat fun as you always wanted the big baseline part

4. Mystic produced by Jammer
Another timeless piece of music it has an enchanting feel to it, very mystical.
I actually prefer listening to it rather than spitting over it, but with that said this ain't a 1 line flow beat content and substance needed.

5. Woo Riddim produced by SX
I was thinking long and hard about my final choice and to be fair there are so many banging tracks it's hard to even choose 5 but this riddim has a special place for me and belongs in my top 5 grime instros.


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1. Dubplate Mex - DPM recordings
2. Wiley - Eskimo
3. Danny Weed - Creeper
4. Top Dolla & Waifer - 16bar
5. Pied Piper

These five instrumentals some up my youth and my love of grime. I started out spittin on this beats when I was finessing the craft. It brings back memories of the youth clubs and young man standings, bass thumping and gun fingers higher then anything. My favorite riddims DEFO.


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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.27

"I remember being in a situation with a relative of mine, where due to them taking a pill we ended up speeding down the roads of east London, on the wrong side of traffic and being unable to see as the car bonnet flipped up... how we got out of that alive only God knows! But it got me thinking to ask, what's a mad early driving experience you've had?"


Before I knew how to drive it was shotgun season for me, even though we was youngers most of our mates knew how to drive so I always had a ride.
Saying that not one of my friends had a license (as we was too young) and most of the cars we drove were stolen (black box ting) so being involved in police chases was nothing new to me.
Most of the chases were short and sweet and if worst came to worst I knew I could breeze the feds if it came to a foot race, so you could say we were confident of getting away.
With all that in mind I was at yard one day and there's a knock at the door, it was my boy asking if I wanna touch the roads with him, I weren't doing much so I said why not.
One of my other mates was driving, he was well known in the ends and by police for being a getaway driver and prolific car thief, ( just the type of guy you need at the wheel when your riding dirty).
Anyways were on our travels now pumping riddims busting jokes everything was all good, I think we was going Essex or somewhere because we was traveling towards Ilford.
Suddenly my boy said we needed to get petrol we don't have enough to make it there.
Bare in mind the driver was well known to feds and they are known to post up at petrol stations it was a mad risky move but none of us wanted to be stranded so we went for it.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we had no intention of paying for the petrol (which made our mission even more of a kamikaze ting), the idea was we fill up the the tank and slip out without anyone noticing pretty simple right?
So we pull in to the petrol station everything is going smoothly, my boy starts filling up he gets to like half tank when a police car rolls in.
We try and play it cool at first but it seems like they're on to us, my boy gets in the car and says it's bait we're getting out of here.
Everything happened so fast one minute it was bliss next minute chaos, the feds got out of their car and started to approach us that's when my boy just floored it.
I remember seeing them scramble back to their car LOL so yh we had a decent head start as we hit the highroad, the only problem was, we needed to hit the back roads as we was a good distance from the ends.
After making a good start nothing was going right for us every time we tried to turn off it seemed another fed car joined the chase we was literally forced to go down the bait highroad I think it was Romford rd to be exact.
My boy was pulling out all his little tricks he managed to get us on a back road were we was literally flying over the speed bumps which gained us some breathing space as the police cars were longer and needed to slow down.
The only problem was where to go ?
We went left we went right but we couldn't shake them off that's when we decided to go back towards the ends, if we could make it to the ends then surely we could getaway.

I swear there must of been about 20 police cars behind us as we drove through Stratford all I could see was blue lights everywhere but we was close to the ends and confident we could still lose them.
We made it to Leytonstone and that was were we planned to lose them, we had a special spot that most fed cars couldn't go through especially the bigger cars, these times I'm seeing mandem on the roads looking at us like WTF the amount of police behind us was insane.
As I said before most of our chases were short and sweet, but No not this 1 we had to be at least 20 mins in with more and more fed cars joining, this was literally our last ditch attempt to lose them.
We was approaching our shortcut the moment was now, if successful the feds would have to abandon the chase as it would be too dangerous for them to continue.
Boom! we cut through the shortcut and for a few seconds we was home free thinking of where we could hop out, then Bang! the headlights of a fed car reappear we couldn't believe it they actually took the shortcut, NAH the feds was on stuff that day.
And to make things worse we had the spotlight shinning on us from the police helicopter we was officially FUCKED! all the momentum was gone, we was literally looking for somewhere to get out and run.
Crisis! my boy literally turned down a dead end road and with nowhere to go we was surrounded by police everywhere, the helicopter in the sky it was a movie scene.
Then we crashed into a barrier, we didn't even get a chance to get out the car before the feds started smashing windows we was well and truly Busted!
With my hands up they had the cheek to let their police dog in the car door and it tried to bite me twice before the handler took it away, I was so lucky that dog could of violated me differently, I realised how lucky I was when I saw the bite holes on my sleeve and tracksuit bottoms thank god for baggy clothes them days LOL. (have a read of their thoughts on police brutality click here)

Even though I wasn't the driver, due to there severity of the chase the judge actually gave me a 2 year driving ban and a conditional discharge MAD TING!


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Music has taken me on a lot of different journeys traveling around the country.

One experience that I can never forget was a trip up to Luton in which a DJ had invited myself and 2 others to perform on his set at some mansion party. Let's just call him DJ false hype, it will make sense later.
Anyway DJ false hype picks us up and we set off up to Luton, on the way up there False Hype is talking up the tings about how sick it's going to be and that everyone is going to be gassed when they see us! Pause! Ok somebody is a little bit excited. 1hr later.....We arrived in Luton and pulled up literally outside this party and considering it was supposed to be some mansion settings it was odd that there was a bag of man outside rather than in the party.
My natural instincts kicked in and I said to False Hype "what's all this"
He responded to me saying "don't watch that these man ain't serious" then hopped out his car on some DJ Khaled we made it 'to Luton' tip! walked to his boot to get his record bag and then everything went left!

He must of caught the attention of the guys outside the party because out of nothing they started moving over towards the car. He had these dark Nigerian tints on his windows so outsiders couldn't even see us man in the car. False hype has started legging it down the road out of sight so we are sitting in his car like 'what the fuck is going on here' and just to top it off he's only gone and locked us in the car so we are just sitting there like vegetables. Imagine I'm trying to see if I can spot him through the back window and I see one yout pick up a brick and lob it at the car! The brick went straight into the back window and we are there doing matrix moves trying to dodge glass! For a split second I did wonder where all this was gona end up but something had happened because all these guys started jetting off in the other direction like to say police had turned up. Unfortunately for False Hype he was stabbed and fell into a residents front garden at which an ambulance was called and neighbours started coming outside.
One girl he knew grabbed his car key and brought it over so I'm guessing he must of told her to do so. So we was left with his car and the back window completed shattered with a brick hanging out of it. In any case False Hype was taken to hospital and we needed to get back to London so my boy had to jump in the drivers seat and get us out of there. The level of coldness in that car was unreal, imagine driving for over an hr on the motorway with your back window blown out!

Super peak! Police was stop checking cars before the junction to London and I honestly thought we wasn't gonna avoid them but somehow we got the luck of the draw and yes even with the back window blown out they never pulled us. Crazy stuff, we ended up leaving False Hypes car in Walthamstow Central and that was that.


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I remember way back my cousin was teaching me how to drive down the bottom of some road, I will never forget that day, it was cold and that car was some proper dusty car lol it was bad. Its one of them type of cars that you could leave it anywhere with the windows down and no one would trouble it! That's how shegged it was. Anyway I jumped in we took it down the road I was a bit shook I won't lie, I was thinking of everything that could go wrong plus my cuz had that look on his face like "please God don't let us end up in someone's front garden" I get in the drivers seat my cousin is explaining to me what to do I start the car up adrenalin rush is kicking in, the car starts moving I'm like raaaarse loool I'm moving the car a bit!

Next thing you know I start hearing sirens, I kid you not I jumped out that car faaast my cousin is just looking at me all confused just laughing then he said to me "what are you doing? get back in the car its kl they are not coming" so I get back into the car my heart is beating fast! Next thing I know I hear police sirens again, this time it sounds like they are getting closer now, I was like f that sooo once again I get out I start running knees to my chest loool I was off!!! I don't even know where I was running to be honest. I could hear my cousin calling me, but you know when someone is just laughing so much to the point I just slowed down turned around I started laughing as well, just thinking to myself did I really just do that again. Sometimes you got to look back at certain situations and just laugh

Top Dolla

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So my story starts one day on my birthday a good few years back. I had a ford puma , I knw I knw taking my size into consideration it wasn't the best fit for room, but any how me and 2 of my friends set off to go party in Northampton. These times it was popping down there for the snowflakes and such πŸ˜…πŸ˜ "Caucasian girls." My birthday is in February so a lot of the times this is when the world isn't sure on how to approach weather wise, because some birthdays has been warm and others freezing.. this particular birthday was FREEEZING.

We set off down the M1 , for those that drive you KNOW what the M1 is like at night "Pitch Black" . It didn't help that on top of being pitch black the roads were extremely icy and treacherous πŸ™ˆ further down this one lane glide journey because literally my car had no substantial electronic system to help equip me for the journey that lay and wait ahead. πŸ˜“ Coming further down the M1 a car with a family in it was spinning out in front of me. Every one in my car was screaming "hit the brakes, hit the brakes" which I was but the car was just gliding due to the ice so we braced ourselves for collision. The family we crashed into had spun out of control and been facing us on the M1 so it was a head on head on collision 😩😩 I was scared shitless, at this time I had bookey (illegitimate) insurance so I WAS never trying to stop for nothing (ps the family was fine!). I kept on the accelerator and glided on to our destination . I remember every modern car driving along beside me nicely staring at us ice skating with the car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so embarrassed.

BUT imagine this , when we got to Northampton FINALLY we managed to pull up at a McDonalds and to my surprise the police approached the car, I was shitting it because I thought they were going to say something about the accident but they didn't it was even more strange. The police man said he came over because he recognized the license plate and that this car used to belong to his friend πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜© you can imagine we was all like "whaaaaa" then he proceeded to tell me the previous owner name in which he was right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this was madder then mad . He asked how it drove and said have a good eve. IF ONLY HE KNEW lol. Then after that being that it was still my birthday we still managed to make it to a club and get turnt.

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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.26

"I've watched a few of those grime documentaries and noticed Slewdem hardly get mentioned, why do you think this is?"


Real grime historians know that Slewdem crew are part of the foundations of the scene and some would say the longest running grime crew.
So more time when I watch these so-called history of grime documentaries it does feel mad bias when there's no mention of Slewdem like none at all.
Especially when a lot of these artists came up around the same time so maybe it might be some peoples agenda to down play the influence Slewdem has had over the grime scene.
R.I.P Esco til this day I hear grime MCs quoting or remixing his bars and the fact that Ghetts made the "Spirit of Esco" song shows the influence of the movement.
The legacy of Slewdem and it's members is always present you just have to scratch beneath the surface.
As I say it's a pagan ting if your talking Grime and don't mention Slewdem.

Rage aka Gaddafi

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Who's ever documenting the history of grime, needs to F off to be honest! Naaah I'm only joking lol.

But on a real one that is one of problems right there, its like whoever is doing their research needs to research a bit harder! But at the same time who's giving these so called peeps the green light to publish it? Who's giving them the go ahead? When it comes down to SLEWDEM it feels like we get bypassed or sometimes we don't even get mentioned and if we do its like some likkle mention, we have influenced people in this grime scene especially when it comes down to the Slewdem sound, like I said before you can hear it in peoples music.

But then again I could say the same thing for other people who played a part in this ting who don't get mentioned whatsoever! We are living in a time called "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY" I won't lie some of it is our own fault as well this why we have to keep the fire burning its so deep when you look back at this in a couple years you will understand. this year was fully about removing certain energies, having the right ones and having the right balance, and between four of us its all about that positive energy sick riddims and just doing us.

Top Dolla

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New Instrumental From Top Dolla & Waifer

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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.25

"What's The Realest Thing/ Advice That You've Been Told?"

The realist thing/advice I have gotten? there has been a couple, but this one and another one stuck with me "If You Don't Ask How Will You Ever Know" and "Patience"

I remember around 2009 me, my friend, his dad had a meeting with this rass hole music manager and his artist who we have been going back and forth about a management contract, at the time his artist was starting to really take off! Anyway fast forward we arrive at this place where the meeting is getting held we all sit down talking, having a bit of bants, this guy is gassing up his artist blah blah at one point me and my friend was texting each other while we was in the meeting like "this guy needs to hurry up man, wheres this contract so man can sign" because we was young as well you know how that goes you want everything now!!!

So my friend's dad started hitting them with some questions breaking down this contract, Because we was young and naive we could of signed our lives away!!! If my friend's dad hadn't asked all those questions then, shhhhhhit! Man would have been in a f'd up situation. Towards the end of the meeting it was agreed they're was gonna redo the contract up which was kinda long but it needed to be done because them percentages wasn't adding up whatsoever.

I remember saying to my friend's dad "how long is this all going to take" he said "be patient it will get sorted out and one thing you guys need to do is ask, don't just nod your head and say yeah ask questions, if you don't ask how will you know"? And I get that now! You need to open your mouth and speak, not just go with the flow gang, next thing you know your in a pastor ma$e situation tied up in a contract for over 10 years n shit lol.

Top Dolla

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If we go back 19yrs to when I was 10 and was just getting into Sunday league football, my dad was my personal coach at this stage and would feed me with all the wisdom and knowledge he had of the game. Being on the touch line at training watching on. He could tell I was something special in the making but raw around the edges. I had pace but not the ball control to match my pace, kinda like Theo Walcott but I was 10 so it was acceptable.

My dad always used to say to me just relax and compose yourself, don't panic and do the easy things. This helped me immensely in front of goal as I managed to notch up 49 goals in my 1st ever season playing 11 aside as a 10yr old. That little piece of advice worked wonders as my confidence grew and along with the help from my dad and the constant coaching I was bettering myself as a player every week. Anytime from then where I felt under pressure or close to panic mode I just reminded myself of the advice my dad gave me: Relax, Compose yourself and don't panic, this has pretty much pulled me through some dark situations in life so the effect wasn't just on the football pitch it was in my everyday life too.

The power of words can be immense. Thank you Dad!


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One of the realist things I ever came across was in a book of quotes someone had given to me, there was many good messages but one just stood out to me.
"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it"

So simple but powerful words in fact these our words to live by.

Since taking in that advice I have gone on to achieve many things in my life, and always try to apply the theory of not making excuses so no matter how hard the situation may seem i gotta roll up the sleeves and deal with it.
In life you have to deal with a lot of naysayers and people that will tell you things can't be done for that reason or another, but let that be the truth they have to accept.
I will continue to push for what I believe in and be the person that's doing rather than making excuses.


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The best advice I've ever got came from my mum , a bit cliche but it was the realist thing I've encountered.


As simple as it is the effectiveness of the simplicity is powerful. I've incorporated this in my life from young. I used to be the type that didn't speak or ask for what I want, one of those people whom just assume things and even if I never quite understood something I wouldn't speak up.
This statement though became something like a mantra for me. Anything I wanted or needed to know I'd ask. In any situation if you Dnt Knw never assume find out and open your mouth. I teach my daughter the same principle. Never get angry or upset over assumptions and expect things will be given to you. If your mouth doesn't open how can you eat? Never expect things are given to you always ask for them and see where you stand in certain situations. Rewards come for those who actively seek it.


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Slew Dem Mafia - PyroRadio - (20/10/2016)


  • Kelela- Bank Head
  • Topdolla- Can’t Get Away (Remix)
  • Topdolla- Far East
  • Taylor Gang- Gang Gang
  • Topdolla feat. Ruby- Flexin’ (Remix)
  • Young Thug & Travis Scott feat. Quavo- Pick Up The Phone
  • Stormin, Sharky Major & Armour- Good Ya Know
  • Topdolla- Seasons
  • Kraze- When I Let It Out
  • Kraze & Rage- Test Me
  • Kraze- Room 808
  • Slewdem Mafia- Nothing like Yours
  • Rage- Shanghai
  • Rage- Shutdown
  • Rage- War Dub
  • Rage, Kraze & Clipson- Mad
  • Gunkst & Sigstlow- Pull Up
  • DJ Spooky- Trapped In Vain
  • Topdolla- Eclipse
  • Treble Clef- Ghetto Stormz
  • Topdolla- Dem Ones
  • Invader Spade- What We Gunna Do
  • Grizzle- Entreaty
  • Grizzle feat. Young Tribez- Shottin
  • Kraze- On Your Block
  • Topdolla- Firefly
  • Stana- Burning Hot
  • DJ Sinta- Pied Piper
  • Low Deep- Down Like That
  • JT The Goon- Rum Punch
  • JL Sxnd7RS feat. Kwam- Run
  • Topdolla- Don’t Wanna Hear It
  • Rage & Footsie- Listen
  • DJ Furious & Wiley- Eskimo 3
  • Topdolla– Grimage
  • Tony Tokyo- Kage
  • Rihanna- Where Have You Been (Topdolla Remix)
  • Netta Brielle- More To A Kiss (Topdolla Remix)
  • Topdolla- Boppers
  • Forca- Listen
  • Kraze, Rage & Wiley- Beat