From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.17

"There has been a lot of mind 'you don't get spun' talk in the scene recently! give a 16 bar to spin a guy"


I wanted to see your wig split like how I brake down big bits

Turn your lump into giblets, my minds on digits

You violate you can fly to spirits, revolver straight to your eye then spin it,

Look in to your face tell you I done did it, ring of the ting til my guns finished,

End of the barrel and your life done with it, your life tun spirit

You might come with it, but I come wicked

I wanna see your wig piece fly like wicket

Bloodsport, you can call it violent cricket

No bats, no pads just knives and millis

Where mandem are shankin and firing silly

And you can get sent to the sky no pity

Plus the mandem will ride out with me x2


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Kraze I'm a LYON
I came for the COOKIES,

This ain't your EMPIRE
Your lying your a ROOKIE,

Absent bars lyric book plays HOOKIE,

Not Liam Neason never been taken on
The mic no boy can ever say that he
Took ME,

"Why would I fly with pigeons,
When man a man ah EAGLE",

Mumma didn't raise no man to be feeble
Come back in it like a SEQUEL,

Come to move wicked and bad like a juju man's EVIL,

Lyrically clart up people lyrically I'm BAD claart up PEOPLE.


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I'm a champion, man get spun when they clash me
Usain Bolt on a track can't catch me
Flows in abundance go ask the youngers
Any violation, Daves gona dun dem.
Shutdown teams till the scene can't function
Dem mans breath smell stink like onion.
Who are you to be talking wicked
Your hype died but mine ain't finished
Anytime I touch mic I kill it so in a clash there's no way you'll win it
Mixtape download dead straight binage
Better send that shit to a 3rd world village
Lyrically slew Dem, batter and bruise them
When it comes to war I will out do them


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Top Dolla gives his favourite 16 bar; from D Double E

D Double not D Single
Who's on the mic riding the vinyl
quick with the easy and simple
MCs get murked if they're commercial
With no rehearsal you'll get a quick burial
Rinse them clean like ariel biological
First thing in the morn' like cereal
Cause you're messing with a Newham General
And I take this music personal
Rude boys they don't take it personal
If you bring your crew then I'll murk them all
Right there on the spot like Clearasil
Cause I told you before don't come single against D Double
I'll put the tip of the gun straight up your nostril and pull!!!

Think you're a big boy cos you go gym... you know the rest!!

Top Dolla


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G Man Grime Lyrics - Mad At Me (Unreleased)

Kill of a sound boy and leave no witnesses,

Bar for bar i will overly pitch a prick

Ive gone passed them and nobody's noticed it,

bars are way to hard can't cope with it,

So i shut down anything i vocal quick,

When i step in a the booth man a ghosting it,

-Melt down the mic start roasting it,

I'm a problem nobody's solving quick,

Kill a MC's career t total it,

Cause my flows like lava - lyrical farda there ain't much harder i'll make a prick, delete your cd re vocal it,

I'll find your pc then over kick, the ting off the stand, till you understand that sound boy your overly over shit

And i think you should overly over quit.

(Second verse from a track called Mad at me. Unreleased.)

G Man

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Grime Lyrics Lex Verse On "Playground"


Big Slewdem we serious

Anybody test den we get delirious

Bun baty boys informers near us

Bus gunshot if u don't wanna hear us fear us

Big Slewdem we rising

Big Slewdem reach shubz an we bring da vibes in

Big Slewdem got gyal were grinding

Big Slewdem got sense of timing

Lexman man champion inna dis

Slewdem champion in a dis

Can't see we champion inna dis

Who wanna clash champion inna dis

Before the clash start my team will finish it Lexman champion inna dis

Slew Maf champion inna dis

Who wanna clash champion inna dis

Before the clash starts my team will finish it

Playground riddim

Grime Lyrics Rage Verse On Lady Chann's "Not Me"


She loves the way that I slam
She get a million juck
A hundred stabbing
We go hard all night on a mad ting now the neighbours wanna know what's happening
Tell em no joke 1 bag of daggering
Stiff body left gal staggering
On the phone you was hype and ting
Now your here make sure u can manage it
Good body gal verses the stallion
Imma roll this zute and go ham again
Couple shots of Ciroc and it's that again
Whine up da ting x2
Gal dem teaser
Tight pussy seeker
Push it in deeper like submariner
Rage I will Mek gal hotter than a fever
Ganja mi bun not shisha
See it deh

Pussy mi nah run rundown
No not me

Par wid a dead ting
No not me
Gal haffi whine pon da ting properly
If you look good then whine your body
It's Rageman giving you the new stylee
She need a man that's strong not a man that's weak
Haffi Mek gal shiver when u push it in deep
Real thorough bred never pop down
Not me!


Grime Lyrics G Man "This One's A Banger"


Lyric for lyric they cant test I,

Told you already on a riddim im a next guy,

Duppie mc's with next vibes, fling a dub plate in your head side if you decide to come test I,

Man can't war with this veteran i end guys,

Aint to many that are better then me tek time,

Know i'll start spitting like a semi when i let lines off,

Real spitter nigga know i never take time off,

Always writing my rhymes and training my mind in case a little pussy nigga kicks war off,

And tek a little side mans jaw side off,

And i lef him on the road side and stroll off,

You know you cant ramp with the team,

And think you can get away clean try know that it will go off,

I'll run through your team like a ten ton truck and see if anybody gets up, what.

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Grime Lyrics Rage Rebirth

I've been shower since young man standing
And I'm still the realest young man standing
Don't piss me off with a leng bar
I'll just bring out the gunman anthem
What do you know head back x2
Big ting ring out and dun man standard
Mc's aint got no standards
While I'm on a higher plane
I'm like a brick wall
The way I stand stiff
And we still slewing dem on a maf tip
So drop me out of the funny guy antics
I just wanna bill up the dank and spazz
It's convenient, to let them know
Just who dem ah ramp wid

Rageman aka Ghadaffi
And I roll trigger happy
Burst your dome on ur lappy
Phone my connect to sell me a strap
Dats longer than Dappy
It's not twitter when I say get at me
Red dots all in ur face acme
I'm military minded
And my team is the soldiers that back me
Ur washed ur olders don't back beef
Bunch of sad neeks
Probably came up living off ur dad's p
When I was broke I was shaving 8balls
Linking cats on the back street
I don't know about backing out
I held it down anytime we had beef
Way before all the strallies had mad teeth
I'd beat up a man Zangieff

U Can't try it with me, it's a wrap!
I'll put a man down like lead in ur back
I'm a leader always stay ahead of the pack
With the heater
I move like a rebel that's strapped
Real kamikaze
Your dealing with a hard g
U man are not hardly or partially
U man are lying I can hear it in ur bars g
None of them are ruff
The only time their ruff when the spitting in a party
Spitters is pricks if you ask me
You could be on a muscle man ting like Arnie
But it don't make sense if you don't have heart
Man are food on a plate, Carvery
And I've got my knife and fork
And life is short
So i'm cutting like a butcher slicing pork
And I don't fuck with swine
But these man look like the guys who talk
Ur a homeboy u aint the riding sort
U aint risking a judge giving life in court
So what's all the hyping for
When your only a badman to ur wife in doors
With these pussy mc's I'm wiping floors
And real recognise real
So the rest just pick up the mic and bore me

I'm like surely he's corny
Spit grease, paint the goriest story
When his life's a mix between Corrie and Maury
It's funny how the guys with no guts get the glory
But thats a whole different story
I'm doing this for my young bucks
And the 1s that died went before me
Your gone not forgotten
Through us we can tell there story

I go blind on grime
When I'm grinding bars for them
It's a par for them
I'll bill a flow that will lick down all of them
I set the rules parliament
See the black John Major
In the trap trying to stack long paper
I'm conservative
But I came from the bottom so I've done bare labour
I'm liberal not a democrat
But my right wing owes man favours
And I stay with the green party
Cos what do you know about flavours
It's all part of my daily politics
Fam if I make it to the top I'm hollering
Came up repping the street code
I stay true to the game and I honour it
I'm loyal to my team
And I aint gotta switch
And I say what I want and don't bottle it
Full throttling, go hard no stopping him
Even feds try locking him
I'm just a gunner in the back like coquelin
That's why theses mic man copy him
But if I make through it's a lot for them
No seriously it's a lot for dem
You'll see guys needing to breathe
Like I ran up and took mans oxygen
Cos every bad move has a consequence
Was a first team player now ur on the bench
Cos u was holdin the spot u weren't promised it, but fuck promises
Cos my futures bright it looks promising.


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Rage Grime Lyrics Shanghai

Man like me I go inn

Murder the track

beat up riddim

everytime I jump on the riddim

I spin x2

Everytime I jump on the riddim I spin it

Music's in my soul I guess your gonna need more spirit

Stop fronting with your rebore lyrics

Your hypes dead your gonna need more gimmicks

Them man are up and down they got seesaw lyrics

Just know I'll never bo like riddick

How these wasteman still in the game

And they don't go hard on riddim

And I'm billin and I'm billin the pengest of flows

Too bludclart kill em

Top dolla mek the shower man bludclart riddim

I load up the bars and bludclart wig em

Oh no

Head back head back

So you better watch your dome and your head back

Man will role with chrome all jet black

Looking to put a few holes where your heads at

Some man are lost they don't know where there head's at

Me I'm grounded I gotta stay head strong

Stay true to what I love and I rep that

Whole heartedly

So say a prayer for a breh or whoever try start with me

Imma line up heads like they sat in a barber seat

Can't you see

Who can shed so much light and still get as dark as me

Cos I started quiet

Don't try it I'll start a riot

If he's not complying I might have boom bye bye him

Lyrically physically leave man dying

I could murk brehs with the wordplay

Still lick a man down with the iron

Different breed I'm not lying

But too many mc's are blatantly lying

I'll blatantly pie him

He's fake and he's hyping

You'll get blazed on a hype ting

Amazing when writing

The bars I write

The pictures I'm scribing

You can see it, like it was your own eye lens

Now that's vivid!

But f that get back to the lyrics

Cos when it comes to the bars

I'm actually wicked

Dope flow it's crack that I'm spitting

So you can say I trap with my lyrics

To all my fans that bought my mixtape

Dun know it was a bag of the piffest

And if you missed the buzz go get it

Jus make sure your round real heads when you hit it

So everyone can see how the shower man did it

What do you know about shower man lyrics

What do you know about shower man bars

I do this ting it's normal

But nuff man try be shower but can't

You might as well put on the tight pants

And leave that badboy talk in the past

I don't wanna lay him down with a right hand

But if he's round me acting hard


Man like me I go inn

Murder the track

beat up riddim

everytime I jump on the riddim

I spin x2

And I do it for the mandem on the wing

Who just do their time and don't sing

Them type of brehs I just can't forget

A lot of real bruddas in jail locked in

So I'm putting in work and it's non stop

I'm on the grind round here and I want gwap

These man look sour like they've gone off

It's not my fault that you gone soft

And I'm hard as hell

Putting in work it aint hard to tell

So what you got bars, I got bars as well

I got so many bars, I got bars to sell

Now that's weight murky

I give them what they want real early

Rage man give them what they want real early

I keep repping til the gates look pearly

You kicked out when we thought you was worthy

Nuff man are sell outs, Van Persie

Them type of ting there hurt me

But it's lessons that I guess I gotta learn g

Like everybody's word ain't certified

So I keep on spitting still murking guys

Look at him spitting like his verse is live

Why u gassed up spitting those nursery ryhmes!

I go inn!!!


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Grime Lyrics - Rage - Duppy Maker ( War Dub)


It's war dub season

so everybody's gonna hear this

Aint nobody sending for Slewdem

Cos all of my lot our fearless

I'm all about realness

There all about weird shit

How can man chat so bad on a tune

And on the roads he did shit

It's ridiculous

I dont get this

Big man ting

Fuck all the kiddie shit

All your fans must be gassed up cos u make music for air heads

Don't fuck around with me blood I air heads

Turn into the black joe pesci and bash mans head with a chair leg

I said bash mans head with a chair leg

Who wants try

Now tell me who wants to die

Duppymaker mek me a duppied mc in a body bag zip him up tight

Time after bludclart time

I thought u already know you aint fucking with my ryhmes

You know aint fucking with my goons on the set

So any type of war you wanna bring that's fine

Any type of war I'm calm

Which mc thinks they're bad

I will turn mans yard to afghanistan

Everybody's gassed I don't know what man are on

But if you diss me find out what man are on

I know what man are weak and what man are strong

That's why I never named dropped man in my song

I don't fear none of them guys there

I will duppy every blud clart 1

It's not over til it's done

And right now I'm only just warming

Light work I aint even put my all in

I hear bare say they got bars

but when it comes to the war they're stalling

See me I was born in a crisis

from young I had military schooling

I could just beat up a man

But i'm blessed I can lyrically school them

So hush your mouth when the big mans talking

Don't confuse me with none of these pricks

I've been sonning these kids

Real talk when it comes the grease who's actually running this shit

Cos none of my dargs aint running from shit

But all of you man just running your lips

I swear down the mandem are reckless

they will slap mothers and kids

punch uncle in the ribs

Turn ur house upside down if the goons ever find where you live

Duppymaker mek me a duppied mc in a body bag zip him up tight x2


I'm on grease like the guy from deathwish

Beef yh I cook mine on some chef shit

You not ready for the war better exit

I while every time I'm infront of the camera

Yh i'm on that Kanye West shit

Alone in the zone and i'm head sick

Don't roll in the zone it gets reckless

Yh i'm talking bout that goons on deck shit

Chron said anyone can get it

So I dare an mc talk reckless

You can @ man @rageslewmafia watch if my name gets mentioned

It wont be no lord of the mic ting

Man be praying for the lord when I find him


Duppymaker mek me a duppied mc in a body bag zip him up tight

Your favourite mc living off lies

I swear down I'm killing off guys

My mandems on ringing off door bells

Your mandems on ringing off lines

Don't let me tell you millionth time

anyone can go I really don't mind

Certain man only bad on music they aint hurt a fly in real life

Never been in a shootout or a drive by

Never ever seen a brudda go boom bye bye

I don't talk for a man that makes pop music I

talk for my peeps in grime

Alot of mans doing greasy talking

But lets see who's really gon ride

Cos I know what's real and what's hype

Got killers round here real niggas doing life



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