Dancehall Mafia old skool set!!!

Dancehall Mafia old skool set!!!

From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.1

What was it like for you going to a grime set back in the day as I remember hearing about people getting punched up?


"It was lawless bruv! anything goes type of atmosphere.
In a mad way I loved the chaos, and that's what made it exciting, that anything could happen.
Down to the venue that the event was being held in, as it was in illegal places.
Sometimes you had to run out of there, sometimes running of live on air, cause of DTI the radio police. Obviously it was all pirate stations."

"I used to more hear about things happening and obviously seeing people kicking off, arguments. For me personally music was an escape we really was doing those stuff. I had to do crime to be able to afford radio.
I was in that hype mode 24/7, probably why I didn't get into too much conflict. It was more of leave that n**** alone and more respect his gangsta.
But I can't say the same for other grime artists as I heard some people have gone through it over the years!"

Rage Slew Dem Mafia 


"Back in the day coming up with my first clique (Dancehall Mafia), so this was during college times.
Them times we was just coming up, so we was behind all the other ones like nasty crew, Pay As You Go and Heartless Crew as they was doing there thing, they were are inspiration.
Obviously as crews clash, we got into a few radio clashes, we decided to join up to Temptation FM, we had clashes with crews from the bits like Leytonstone, Leyton but there was one particular crew in hackney, were we was going back and forth, when they had there radio set you would hear them saying madness at us and when we was on radio (Temptation FM) we were saying our madness and obviously they was hearing as crews do, saying this and that.

One time we was playing out at Walthamstow Townhall, they was there but we didn't know what each other looked like I ended up going on the decks and the others jumped on the mic spitting bars and screaming Dancehall mafia! so when we was outside the shoobs (Rave), when it ended we ended up bucking up with each other outside, they said what they had to say and we said what we had to say it was tense and people ended up coming down but nothing happened and now when we see each other it's all bless.

But yeah, back in the day all of this was normal you would hear about a lot of MC's getting headbutted, people swinging, there was a couple of famous ones, people getting offered one on ones some rose to the occasion while overs fell. It was a peak time the problem was though at those times it really did start getting tense, as you hear about mc's getting run up on stage, especially in places like young man standing.
But it was exciting I liked it."

Top Dolla Slew Dem Mafia 

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