From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.18

A Tribute To The Greatest


Waking up yesterday to find out the Champ, The Greatest, a black King had passed away was sad news to say the least. For King Ali was not only a very successful boxer but he was a powerful man with a pure heart. He loved his people's and his people's most definitely loved him. He brought entertainment to unprecedented levels.

He spoke with a charisma and charm that warmed to millions of people across the world. He fought battles in and out of the ring and should always be remembered as a Black King, somebody who wasn't afraid to stand up to his oppressors and fight the cause wherever he went. We've lost a special person but his legacy will forever remain in our hearts.

RIP Muhammad Ali

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As cliché as it is, Ali was my biggest influence and inspiration... his heart was pure and he KNEW where he's strengths lied.

He was kind and gentle to the earth and a beast in the ring. His training regime was immaculate and his discipline was seriously something to be admired. He was a family man who left his children with so many teachings. I aspire to be as great in my own world as he was in this one.

It leaves you to believe that arrogance is not always something to be loathed, he was an arrogant man but with merit. He made sure his talk was backed up by non stop hard work. He made me realise that it starts with you yourself believing in your own greatness and letting people know that greatness is all that's destined for you but with a hint of subtlety as to not let people think your a prick...

RIP Ali thank you for the life lessons.

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Another day, another great!!!

I'm not gonna pretend I be like I knew a lot about Muhammad ali life, other than his fights on YouTube, interviews and his famous quotes. When I heard he passed away, I was thinking "raaah it was just the other day I watched his film" called the greatest, that gave me more of a prospective on Mr Ali's life. While watching the film I was like "this man is a different kinda of athlete and human being!!! Ali understood the boxing game down to a tee! when my man said he's gonna knock you out in such and such round, just know he meant it! no respect for your weight loool!

Other things I proper admired about him is he stood for something, He wasn't just a boxer he was an activist fighting for what his beliefs, in and outside of the ring. There was a lot pressure on his back, could you imagine being black, muslim and a heavy weight champion of the world back in those days? So much corruption going on just being black was a crime its self, everyday you keep on getting tested on a daily basis, trying to break you down mentally. Like I said before he was more than just a boxer, he was about fighting for what he believed in.

Muhammad ali aka The GREATEST.

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The recent passing of the legend Muhammed Ali has sparked a media frenzy, with all the main T.V stations and newspapers doing over-time on the story.
Unfortunately I didn't grow up watching Ali box on T.V so I could only watch old footage and listen to stories from my elders.
The way they spoke and continue to speak about the man lets you know the impact he made in their lives, he promoted self-confidence, strength and courage in a time where they needed it the most.
The rest of the world may look back at him as a great showman and entertainer and that he was, but for the oppressed people of the world he was a super-hero a symbol of hope and pride.
While Ali gets the praises for choosing not to fight in Vietnam, lets not forgot he was sent to jail in his prime and stripped of his titles as consequence to his actions.
It makes me think if he had not been sent to jail and continued as champion of the world, would he still of wanted to fight so late into his career ?
One of the biggest things I admired about the man was his supreme confidence, I don't feel in the U.K we see enough of that as most of us are too humble to brag.
You will rarely hear a person claiming to be the best in interviews, and what is wrong with that, do we not believe in ourselves anymore ?
Ali could punish you with his tongue as well as his fists, you might look crazy telling the world your the greatest but if you go and prove it who can argue with you ?

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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.17

"There has been a lot of mind 'you don't get spun' talk in the scene recently! give a 16 bar to spin a guy"


I wanted to see your wig split like how I brake down big bits

Turn your lump into giblets, my minds on digits

You violate you can fly to spirits, revolver straight to your eye then spin it,

Look in to your face tell you I done did it, ring of the ting til my guns finished,

End of the barrel and your life done with it, your life tun spirit

You might come with it, but I come wicked

I wanna see your wig piece fly like wicket

Bloodsport, you can call it violent cricket

No bats, no pads just knives and millis

Where mandem are shankin and firing silly

And you can get sent to the sky no pity

Plus the mandem will ride out with me x2


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Kraze I'm a LYON
I came for the COOKIES,

This ain't your EMPIRE
Your lying your a ROOKIE,

Absent bars lyric book plays HOOKIE,

Not Liam Neason never been taken on
The mic no boy can ever say that he
Took ME,

"Why would I fly with pigeons,
When man a man ah EAGLE",

Mumma didn't raise no man to be feeble
Come back in it like a SEQUEL,

Come to move wicked and bad like a juju man's EVIL,

Lyrically clart up people lyrically I'm BAD claart up PEOPLE.


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I'm a champion, man get spun when they clash me
Usain Bolt on a track can't catch me
Flows in abundance go ask the youngers
Any violation, Daves gona dun dem.
Shutdown teams till the scene can't function
Dem mans breath smell stink like onion.
Who are you to be talking wicked
Your hype died but mine ain't finished
Anytime I touch mic I kill it so in a clash there's no way you'll win it
Mixtape download dead straight binage
Better send that shit to a 3rd world village
Lyrically slew Dem, batter and bruise them
When it comes to war I will out do them


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Top Dolla gives his favourite 16 bar; from D Double E

D Double not D Single
Who's on the mic riding the vinyl
quick with the easy and simple
MCs get murked if they're commercial
With no rehearsal you'll get a quick burial
Rinse them clean like ariel biological
First thing in the morn' like cereal
Cause you're messing with a Newham General
And I take this music personal
Rude boys they don't take it personal
If you bring your crew then I'll murk them all
Right there on the spot like Clearasil
Cause I told you before don't come single against D Double
I'll put the tip of the gun straight up your nostril and pull!!!

Think you're a big boy cos you go gym... you know the rest!!

Top Dolla


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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.16

Tell us a memorable moment for you?



My most memorable event has to be 2006 when we had a couple Germany shows to do and we ended up getting stranded. The promoter who brought us out there didn't have any intention of ACTUALLY paying. So basically got brought out there under false pretenses. We were livid, the flight out there was fine and the hotel stay was cool, when the first show came round in hamburg it's then when everything got bookey.
The promoter came and said there's no flights home and there is no show money... we ended up kidnapping the promoter until he brought out money. Police ended up coming to our hotel room found us keeping the promoter hostage and arrested us. REMEMBER WE ARE IN GERMANY, so I'm sure you can imagine we were sh*tting ourselves and kept on the station overnight until a translator came and told us we were being charged with false imprisonment... (ominous back drop music playing in the background) this is when we started shirting ourselves. Eventually Jammer was the first to be released I think , then Chronik then Shorty Smalls, Knuckles , Waffer then me. Upon our release from the German cells we were faced with a dilemma of being kicked out our hotel rooms. So now we are on the streets of hamburg... with no more money... no Contact with any1 and no where to stay... We then had to make it to Berlin because Jammer had a DJ there who would put us up and let us email home and that. So we took to the streets and ended up dipping a drunk guys pocket. Jammer distracted him I slipped the wallet now we had money to get the train to Berlin.
Basically it was the worst trip to Germany I've ever had .. looool. But a very memorable experience


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The summer of 2007 if my memory serves me correctly held the last ever 'Young Man Standing' event, to those that don't know this was an U18 grime rave organised by Deja Vu FM which would normally involved all the grime crews on deja vu plus special guests. It was always hyped up on the radio and was an event you did not want to miss.
Anyway I remembering taking a 7 seater cab to club EQ with Wizz Kid, Skary and a friend of mine, duno why we even hired a 7 seater tbh but on arrival we saw an old East Co member Double O outside sitting in his car and the relevance of this was that when we got closer to the club we could hear somebody on the mic shouting 'Double O you have 10secs to come inside otherwise your a P****', sadly for Double O he stayed in the car.
So we've got into the club and we are approaching the stage having to get through a load of sweaty excited teenagers who are clocking our faces and getting even more excited because they know it's about to pop off.

So at this point Jammer and Skepta are on the stage talking all kinds of hype so I've hopped under the barrier followed by Wizz, Skary, Ryder, Fresh and Nikki Forcer to name a few. Strangely enough before anything could kick off Skepta approached me and said "Yo Clips lets clash, Roll Deep v Fire Camp right here right now" obviously I'm not one to shy away from a war so I agreed instantly and in the back of my head I was thinking 'we are in east and this dude wants to clash, I'm gona bury him'. No discredit to Skepta but in 2007 he hadn't conquered the East end crowd yet so I knew it would favour us. If you can imagine the hype of the crowd as its been announced over the mic that we are gona clash everybody in there was on one, especially the mythical Grime scene superhero 👀 The murkle man. He was jumping around dreads swinging up until Forcer ejected him from the stage like he was a security guard on a big pay cheque, funny stuff trust me.

Anyway me and Skepta are about to clash but not without his support from Ruff Sqwad and Roachee. These guys must of just got in the rave and was literally running towards the stage shouting 'F*** Fire camp' so it got even more tense. Without incriminating myself I will just say that I was prepared for whatever was about to happen musically or physically but we managed to keep things sensible and we got clashing. So we're going b2b and take it from me them man got shelled down, we captured the clash on the realion DVD hosted by Fresh but for whatever reason the DVD never came out.
If you was there on the night I doubt you will ever forget what happened especially as it was the last ever Young Man Standing of its era. Feelings got touched and reputations were tested but overall was a great night for Grime music and will go down as a fond memory of my history in Grime.


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I was thinking about this the other day I had a crazy experience in Paris, I went out there with Tim and Barry, Jammer and a few members from Slewdem.
Previously we had done a photo shoot with Tim and Barry and now these photos were being showcased in a exhibition with Jean-Charles de castelbajac a famous fashion designer it was quite a big deal.
It all happened quick I got the call like "Yo do you want to come France ? I was like "course bruv" and a couple days later I was on the euro-star with the mandem.
When we reached the hotel and got inside our rooms everyone started laughing, the rooms were peak it looked more like a hostel it had bunk beds and all that.
A few of us went to see if we could get the rooms changed but apparently the hotel was full and they were the only rooms available.
It was either stick it out or find a new hotel, I personally wanted to leave but in the end we chose to stick it out, after all we was used to them hostel environments.
The rooms weren't the best but the banter levels was too much I remember spending most the night catching joke with the mandem and running around the hotel chatting to girls and stuff.
The next day we went to check out the exhibition and got a behind the scenes look of the gallery we were introduced to Jean-Charles he was cool and down to earth, he gave us a tour of the gallery and made us feel welcomed it was a mad combo of fashion and grime.
I got a nice taster into the world of fashion and photography, we managed to get Jean-Charles to wear one of our non-stop working t-shirts and he let us pick out some clothes from his fashion line to take home.
The night of the exhibition was surreal our photos were up on display and people was coming up to greet us and thank us for being there, I can't lie I was feeling like a celeb out there.
The night went well everyone was happy and we rubbed shoulders with some important people, thinking back on it now all this was achieved through the power of Grime music.
The highlight of my night had to be performing at the after party, after appreciating so many talented artists I finally had chance to show off my art and I was gassed.
I performed two tracks from my unreleased at the time Streets of Rage Vol.1 mixtape and the crowd went nuts, I got a reload in France my first time performing abroad and I duppied the dance.

Watch footage from the show by clicking here

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I remember mid 2000s at the Slewdem studio's we just moved to Bow, next door to Rinse FM at the time, couple of us was in the studio just catching vibes throwing around some idea's I was on Cubase making a riddim, anyway so I finally came up with two ideas, I remember that night a crew was doing the radio set on Rinse FM then someone knocked the door, and who stepped through? man like........... I was thinking "rah this is mad" because the track I made was definitely influenced by this Mc/artist.

Sooo anyway this particular MC heard the riddim I made and said he wants to vocal the riddim right now, I'm not going to lie I was kinda gassed but I wasn't trying to show it though lol! so yeah he jumped on the track sprayed some bars then went back to his radio set on rinse like normal. Anyone that listens to a Slewdem beat will know we like to add some type of gun fx, bomb fx Lol just ringing off in the riddim. So I thought let me add some bomb FX, which you will hear in the chorus and because of what the Artist/Mc was talking about in the song it just made sense to add that plus that is one of our signature sounds. The artist I'm talking about is the godfather himself aka Wiley, the track is called "BANG" produced by myself Top Dolla you can listen to that on Slewdem mafia web site, Slewdem mafia sound cloud or on our YouTube channel. To listen to the track please click here

Large up peeps!!! Maf

Top Dolla

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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.15

Has grime loss its raw essence?

I think it depends on how you look at the situation, because a many will agree that it's lost the raw essence but at the same we all can agree that it has evolved over the years. From youth club days to all-day festivals we have seen Grime grow from strength to strength in terms of commercial appeal.

I think it's a give and take thing with Grime, sometimes you have to lose one thing to gain another and I'm sure the artists making money from the scene are not complaining. I personally can appreciate the changes that have come because I believe better organisation leads to more success and it's long way away from turning up to radio on a random estate, where you never knew what could happen. These days it can still go off and get mad but the difference is the platforms are more established, more professional and artist have way more to lose than before.


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I would say YES and NO, I feel because of social media it has allowed people to bypass certain things, it's definitely made it a lot easier. You can go straight to periscope, snap chat, twitter etc... then say or do a couple of stuff for a couple seconds not even minutes just seconds lol, everyone gets hyped, video then goes viral then you become a instant hit, which is not a bad thing you got to use these outlets to your advantage! but, there's a difference between a couple of seconds and 1 or 2 hours major difference!

Which brings me to this..... Let's not forget the other way, which is PIRATE RADIO STATIONS!!! That's foundation, that's like the MECCA for emcees and Dj's! And this is why grime has had a heart beat for so looong that we tend to forget! Some of them pirate station's are keeping that rawness about grime. I think with any genre of music, when it becomes popular sometimes the rawness, authenticity goes! And that's just because we get caught up in this social media era hype!!!

It's about finding the balance you got to hop off that s#!+ and get back to the basics, like I stated before, let's not forget pirate radio stations, emcees, Djs and the producers 100% they all play a big part in what's going on in the scene and they are keeping that raw, crud essence going! Hopefully more will emerge and more stations will start to spring up and keep on spreading the sound.

Top Dolla


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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.14

What memorable clashes have you been a part of or witnessed taking place?


Around the early 2000's when dancehall mafia was on Temptation FM, management arranged a clash so every crew that was on that station picked who they wanted to battle against. So our crew got called out, we was the heavyweights on temptation every pirate radio station has the big hitters that everyone locks into for us we was one of them, as I was saying we got a phone call from someone on the station telling us some crew wanted to clash I remember getting my records ready making sure I picked out the right dubs so everyone linked up headed to radio got there we see the crew who we was gonna clash, I can't remember that crews name but one thing I do remember is the crew who we was clashing one of the members had the same emcees name as one of our members, I always new this clash would happen it needed to set the record straight!

So anyway we went to radio I see other crews clashing it was very tense because it was live as well so you had to be on point, every crew that was on Temptation FM was there everyone wanted to be the top dog so finally we jump on the set I remember dropping that Aaliyah tune "are you that somebody" the instrumental, we was going in sending for the other crew then finally the two emcees with the same name were going at it both was saying stuff but at the end of the day like Skepta said "I have to deal with any imposters" kinda thing loool there can be only one in this situation so fast forward to now and he's still here, bars on bars, mixtapes etc... big up man like Rage.


Top Dolla

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I've come from a background of clashing within the grime scene being an Ex member of fire camp but all in all the best experience for me was clashing on Lord Of The Mics against Jammin. I felt as though I was almost forced into this clash for reasons beyond music and I went into this clash 100% confident of a burial and that was exactly what happened. No disrespect to Jammin because he definitely played his part but I was leagues above him on the day and it was very entertaining to watch as a whole. The after effect was healthy and my overall reputation grew so it was well worth the experience and will always be a prominent music memory for me.


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The most memorable clash I ever had I would say , was on Raw blaze 90.00 against lightning from younger nasty. This happened like 2005/06. Me and shorty smalls was forever going at em in youth clubs such as princess Alice pub or Greengate pub. Healthy clashes , no need after but EVERY week without fail we were in the youth clubs going at each other.

At the time we were one of the few younger crews at that time that were putting in work and was known on the circuit. It finally all came to a head when Lightning came to one of our sets and clashed with me and shorty smalls (click here to listen, for the full clash click here). I have to give it to him , the confidence he showed by turning up by himself was beyond me. I feel we come from the era of clashing and going at each other. It was normal then in all fairness. Gave me the depth and strength to be able to handle myself in lyrical war


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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.13

Whats your top five grime tracks past and present?

This is gonna be a difficult one lol

1) Platinum 45 - Jaws

This riddim here = automatic screw face mode loool, that bass was moving aggressive! The cut off effect on the bass as well proper sick!!! The drum pattern etc... big up man like chubby dread one of my favourite grime producers.

2) Ruff Sqwad - Misty Cold

This track wasn't your typical dark grime song whatsoever! Why I say that is, it showed a musical side of grime from the brass, strings and piano element but at the same time you could still spray crud to it. Dirty danger and Rapid brought that musical side to grime even up till now they've been consistent with it!

3) Davinchi and Katie Pearl - RnG

Got to give it to Davinchi, at the time early on in the grime scene there wasn't much singers on grime, you got that more with garage music. I feel like he broke the boundaries, having Katie singing over grime riddims proper melodic once again showed another side of grime musically! And as well as shining the spotlight on SINGERS!!! not every day emcees doing 16s, 32s bars on a riddim fall back lol. Hopefully both will do some more RnG vibes pls

4) Sir Spyro - Rude kids voices remix

Spyros been on a roll lately, you can't deny that bangers after bangers! I've been tumping out this remix for a while it's the way it drops then you hear the choir synths, bass, proper sick. It's always been difficult to try and follow up to the original song, it can be pressurising especially when it's a Rude Kid song. But Spyros remix defo lives up to the original 100% looking forward to hearing more bangers from sounds of the sir.

5) SlewDem Maf - NuttinLikeYours

That's all I'm saying.

Top Dolla

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Top 5 Grime Instos

Wiley =I will not lose
This tune will always be a classic for me, from the epic intro to the sick bassline I felt Wiley was pushing the levels higher when he made this track.
A true pioneer of the Grime scene a lot of his music was and still is the template for a lot of producers.

Wookie =Storm
This track is a masterpiece in my opinion the production is 10/10.
Wookie doesn't get the credit he deserves for songs like this, it's like he created his own genre with his sound but had to be label it as Garage or Grime music to sell records.

JME =96 Bars of Revenge
This tune will deffo get the energy levels up in the place, you just want to spray your heart out every time it drops.
RIP Esco check out his lemon guy freestyle over this he was way ahead of his time.

Rapid =Top 3 selelcted
Man like Rapid has been putting out classics since the beginning of Grime, this track certifies his place as a top boy producer for the scene.

So Solid =Oh No
Both the vocal and instrumental of this So Solid classic could go on a all-time Grime list, this track just never gets old percy ingle business.


Top 5 Grime Vocals


More Fire Crew =Oi
Watching mandem from our ends blow up nationwide with this track definitely made it even more epic for me but either way it is a banger and deserves it's place in the top 5.

Kano =Boys Love Girls
In a time where everything was so dark and cruddy Kano brought some light to the table with this cheeky banger.
A game changer in the Grime scene because there was nothing like it before it was different and catchy.

Dizzee Rascal =Jezebel
One of my favourite Dizzee songs, the story he tells is timeless and will always be relevant regarding social situations because there will always be a jezzy on the block.

Pay As You Go =Know We (Will be updated)


Esco =DTI Freestyle (Will be updated)

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The Meaning Behind The Slewdem Logo

"It means from the left side which is the gun handle, that is the life we come from and the right side which is the mic, is are way out" G Man

The concept for the logo was thought up by G Man, Esco, Gappy and Puffs.

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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.12

Whats your thoughts on people who think grime is only about violence?

To say, 'Grime only promotes violence,' is so boring and played out!!!

Just look around, everyone is singing to it, mums, dads, aunties etc... I've had conversations with people that don't even like it, but they've never said, 'This genre of music, grime promotes that!' Do you remember that programme THIS IS YOUR LIFE? and the guy had that big red book and in it had your journey in life, from back then, till where you are at NOW; So the way I see it is, your life is that book and YOU'RE THE AUTHOR, ARTISTES etc.. So, whatever you've done, seen or been through in your life, is what you're going to talk about, sometimes, but don't get it twisted, SOME NOT ALL will try sell you a JAMES BOND life story, lol, while others will stick to their true artistry and say it how it is without adding the fictional part.

Another thing, I know this is a bit off topic, but if grime promotes violence, what the hell does the government promote? Because what I've seen from back then till now is a madness!!! The government are just like the road mandem, they've got gangs, shotters, robbers etc, but just more political with suits and ties! But anyway what I'm trying to say is, if a majority of your life you've known a certain way of living good or bad and you're in this artistry world = MC, singer, rapper, writer, musician or whatever, that's what is going be channeled through the WORK YOU DO!

I just feel if you don't understand certain things it's easy to criticize; we all do it sometimes, especially when you're looking in from the outside. Grime is a genre of music that can't be contained or controlled, it needs to stay that way! No disrespect this ain't dubstep, what the FAT CATS did, to that genre, we can't let that happen to GRIME, it started with us, The Underground, The Underdogs, we got to keep that raw element to it.

Top Dolla

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People that talk like that are small minded and don't fully understand Grime music, I feel music represents life and Grime is no exception to that.
In my eyes the scene is still young compared to other more established music genres so when people pass judgement it usually comes back to bite them.
Violence is all around us, especially on the streets of London it's an everyday thing, so the music is always going to represent the realities of the environment it comes from. If people take time out to listen to the music they will realise there's a lot of substance to the lyrics and stories are being told, you just have to scratch beneath the surface.
Look even Tom and Jerry deals with violence but it's deemed OK for children to watch, so to me it's all a matter of opinion and everybody is entitled to one.

To hear music from Rage please click here

I feel as though Grime music is a trend and art form just like any other music genre. Rockstars actively engage in mosh pits and crowd surfing but are never stereotyped as being violent or negative in the way Grime does.

I think because grime music has a lot of competitiveness and clashing involved it sometimes allows people to believe in a hype and take what they are seeing and hearing as gospel but that more often than not tends to be publicity stunts or as they say 'for the love of the sport'. Not to say that things don't get very real but in my opinion much of it is played out and the rest isn't.

For me personally, Grime music attracts the types of energy that makes me want to express the good, bad and the ugly and everything in between, it's never been about promoting solely violence and negativity, but that comes with the territory because ultimately we are all products of our own environments.


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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.11

What do you think if any, is the difference between grime of the early 2000's and grime now?

It would be silly to compare the scene back in the day to what we have now, for the simple fact that when the scene first started everything was fresh, brand new and groundbreaking.

Them times you had no archives to look back on, everything was about originality and creating something no ones heard before.
Nowadays new Grime artists can spit over a classic riddim and gain exposure, which proves to me the power of the early Grime scene, a lot of good music got slept on.
I'm just happy everything seems to be going full circle and we are now appreciating and celebrating the Grime scene for what it has done for U.K culture, if it wasn't for the scene I don't know what I would be doing with my life right now, music has saved me.
All in all the early era of Grime music laid the foundations and gave the benchmark for the new generation to aspire to.


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I originally came into the grime scene around 2003-04 and back then the most practical and common way of exposure was pirate radio and live an direct in a rave. Social media was the bare minimal and sites such as MySpace had grown quite popular for artists to promote themselves. Now we have the likes YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitter to name a few which have totally changed the dynamics of how artists can promote their music. We used to cut dub plates at the music house factory and sell them in the few record shops supplying Grime, now everything is done online digitally which I guess has made things a lot easier for artists. I would definitely say that these changes have helped grime music and artists in general reach further heights and expand the culture.


To hear music from Clipson please click here

The difference between grime now and then, there wasn't a lot of social media platforms plain and simple! Like twitter, insta, snap chat etc.. back then if you was grime mc or dj your best outlet to get your stuff heard was pirate radio, even youth clubs, that was your best platform! You had to reaaaally graft hard not to say you don't have to graft hard now but i just feel with so much different media outlets you can become a artist just like that It's crazy! back then you had to really prove yourself!

Peeps can nowadays make a vid on insta or vine and become a over night hit where as me i had to put my work shift in. Two record bags some times three, my shoulders were killing me and all sorts just had flash back loool I was just trying to get to radio do my set and get myself heard! As well as back then there was only two big pirate radio stations in east not to say there wasn't other stations in but deja vu and rinse was the biggest! all of the big crews was on either one of them and the levels was high!

You got to remember we were competing against the likes of durrty goods, dizzee, d double etc.. so to stand out you had be different where as now i feel like some are trying recreate the golden era down to lyrics and vids but you can't you had to be there for yourself to see or even hear it! i want grime to keep on elevating it has to!

Top Dolla

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I feel that grime in the early 2000 was more authenticated. I say this because then music was solely done for the porous of fun. Now days it's turned to a money motivated thing. I feel if more people went back to just having the passion for it and doing it on that basis. I feel the music wouldn't be as diluted as it is. Everyone's aim is just do what ever to make money, where although it is about money sometimes if more people just had the passion and let money come after I feel we would be in a better place.


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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.10

What were fond memorable moments for you in the Slewdem studio?"

(This post will be updated as their are a lot more stories! with some of them being Mad!!)

Ahhhh man, I'm gonna have to put down two moments that happened in the Slewdem Studio; the first one is a kinda of a funny one. I remember this day like it was yesterday; so basically we're all in the studio putting in work, writing, voicing tracks, catching vibes. So I'm there on the computer doing my thing, pushing buttons, making riddims etc. We had break by break, I mean lemon BREAK! Everyone's blazing, that studio look like a scene out of "how high" bare fuuuumes! Bare in mind I don't smoke, so like I said, I'm there on the computer doing what I do, all of a sudden I started feeling a bit light headed lol!
The amount times I've been around people who blaze I've never felt like this!!! So as I was saying I was feeling very light headed, I definitely needed a break! Haha So I said to myself, "Tops, it's time to take 5 bro." If I didn't listen to my inner voice I probably would have collapsed, lol! So I got up, went upstairs, it was even worse. I was like, 'Ahh, wtf man!' I couldn't escape the fog; it was coming from everywhere, every angle, no lie! I got upstairs and just sat down; I was high as a m#$%@!$$@%, my movement was like a snail loooool! So yeah, that was one of my most memorable /funny moments being in the Slewdem Studio, I will never forget hahaha.

Top Dolla

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My most memorable moment has to be the infamous "Slewdem studios!"
Let me tell you, the fumes would buss your whole face! I mean smoking the lemon all day, laying tunes, letting you brain float away. It was nuts! my voice was already high as it is! So smoking all that weed would kill of my vocals from early! Looooool.

Chronik and Esco ALWAYS had the stupid crazy run into the wall loud. (Weed) those are the guys that taught me about good weed.


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