Official Slewdem Mafia T Shirts

Before grime was popular, Slewdem was there at its forefront, representing to the fullest!

Before the times of Wifi and Youtube beef Slewdem really were holding down their corner, clashing anyone who had the guts to, with word play that anyone who listened knew came straight from the streets, before people were blowing up on Youtube, Slewdem shellin down radio stations like Rinse kicking down MC's with word play, crud and literally kicking down people sometimes worse...

You see before grime was excepted by the mainstream, grime was underground it was raw, places like youth centre's, radio stations, pubs, car parks and studio's acted as battle arenas. Where ever there was a mic, an MC would overly grab it and spit verses and flows to shell of a guys skull, those times it really was dog eat dog with many MC's getting chewed up and spat out or some gaining history that they hope the mainstream will never hear about.

But through all of this Slewdem kept it real to what they knew and "kept to their guns, literally..." to some Slewdem are more than grime vets they are grime Legends but for them all they want is that when they make their music listeners will relate to the real struggles of everyday living and some of the stuff people have to do to live and get by in the streets of London.

Slewwwwwwwww Demmmmmmmmmm

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