The Maf E.P


Hailing from the East of London 'The Slew Dem Mafia' trio consisting of Grime scene household names Rage, Kraze & Clipson combine on this 5 Track EP to start 2018 in the only way they know! With big bars, catchy hooks and an authentic energy you can only expect from a Grime crew who have been around from the beginning. Linking up with producers such as Biggaman, Money Beats, Scampz and Humble Hapz respectively! As well as in house producer Top Dolla who is responsible for the smash single 'Nothing Like Yours', this EP is definitely promised not to disappoint but instead reopen eyes that were lost in the new generation of grime and remind those that Originality and Realness still exist in the scene.
Only one feature on the EP but who better than the 'Godfather' himself Wiley!

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New Instrumental From Top Dolla & Waifer

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Slew Dem Mafia - PyroRadio - (20/10/2016)


  • Kelela- Bank Head
  • Topdolla- Can’t Get Away (Remix)
  • Topdolla- Far East
  • Taylor Gang- Gang Gang
  • Topdolla feat. Ruby- Flexin’ (Remix)
  • Young Thug & Travis Scott feat. Quavo- Pick Up The Phone
  • Stormin, Sharky Major & Armour- Good Ya Know
  • Topdolla- Seasons
  • Kraze- When I Let It Out
  • Kraze & Rage- Test Me
  • Kraze- Room 808
  • Slewdem Mafia- Nothing like Yours
  • Rage- Shanghai
  • Rage- Shutdown
  • Rage- War Dub
  • Rage, Kraze & Clipson- Mad
  • Gunkst & Sigstlow- Pull Up
  • DJ Spooky- Trapped In Vain
  • Topdolla- Eclipse
  • Treble Clef- Ghetto Stormz
  • Topdolla- Dem Ones
  • Invader Spade- What We Gunna Do
  • Grizzle- Entreaty
  • Grizzle feat. Young Tribez- Shottin
  • Kraze- On Your Block
  • Topdolla- Firefly
  • Stana- Burning Hot
  • DJ Sinta- Pied Piper
  • Low Deep- Down Like That
  • JT The Goon- Rum Punch
  • JL Sxnd7RS feat. Kwam- Run
  • Topdolla- Don’t Wanna Hear It
  • Rage & Footsie- Listen
  • DJ Furious & Wiley- Eskimo 3
  • Topdolla– Grimage
  • Tony Tokyo- Kage
  • Rihanna- Where Have You Been (Topdolla Remix)
  • Netta Brielle- More To A Kiss (Topdolla Remix)
  • Topdolla- Boppers
  • Forca- Listen
  • Kraze, Rage & Wiley- Beat


Kraze - Yunga Eski


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Top Dolla With Guest Slew Dem Mafia MC's Rage, Kraze & Clipson - PyroRadio - (15-09-2016)

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