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From Grime Legends To Grime History Vol.28

What's your Top 5 favourite instrumentals?


Here's 5 of my all-time Grime instrumentals. Respect to all the producers and artists who have contributed.

Wiley-Eskimo A founding grime instrumental which can quite easily be described the signal(identity) beat of where grime started.

BigE D Frontline This iconic instrumental brings back the memory of Deja Vu 92.3 D double E , Footsie and Monkey tearing it up and setting levels

Dexplicit-No my first ever grime feature release came over this beat back in 2005 with Fire Camp, sick beat and the history of the track speaks for itself.

Rapid-Top 3 Selected this beat always had the type of energy I loved to flow with, famously know for Ghetts' vocal 'Top3 Selected' is a stomper in my list

JME- 96 bars of revenge
I used to write so many bars over this beat, when ever I heard it on a set I was bullying for the mic to spray rounds.



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My top 5 in no particular order

1. Storm produced by Wookie
This is the type of grime instrumental that doesn't need an mc to spit over it, it is literally a storm.
From start to finish this track is like a story unfolding that keeps getting better.

2. Jaws produced by Platinum 45
This track is just raw energy and aggression, and with the jaws sample at the beginning it just sets the tone for a murking spree.

3. Pulse X produced by Musical Mob
As a musical piece it was pretty simple but oh my lard was it effective.
The 8 bar switch up makes mcing on this beat fun as you always wanted the big baseline part

4. Mystic produced by Jammer
Another timeless piece of music it has an enchanting feel to it, very mystical.
I actually prefer listening to it rather than spitting over it, but with that said this ain't a 1 line flow beat content and substance needed.

5. Woo Riddim produced by SX
I was thinking long and hard about my final choice and to be fair there are so many banging tracks it's hard to even choose 5 but this riddim has a special place for me and belongs in my top 5 grime instros.


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1. Dubplate Mex - DPM recordings
2. Wiley - Eskimo
3. Danny Weed - Creeper
4. Top Dolla & Waifer - 16bar
5. Pied Piper

These five instrumentals some up my youth and my love of grime. I started out spittin on this beats when I was finessing the craft. It brings back memories of the youth clubs and young man standings, bass thumping and gun fingers higher then anything. My favorite riddims DEFO.


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