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It's like man don't know I'm the truth, truth, so I gota go a likkle harder

Slewdem we raise the roof, roof, in the booth we are like Osama

And when it comes to you MC youts, youts, I am your lyrical farda

G Man

Beanzo, Grizzle Jlsxnd7rs got to the buttons and created a madness to Top Dolla's Flexin, to listen please click here

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The Grime Show: Slewdem

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G Man - Leng Man Jedi ( Free Download)

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G Man - Leng Man Jedi G Man - Leng Man Jedi (6590 KB)

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The Meaning Behind The Slewdem Logo

"It means from the left side which is the gun handle, that is the life we come from and the right side which is the mic, is are way out" G Man

The concept for the logo was thought up by G Man, Esco, Gappy and Puffs.

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