Dj BPM Grime Set


Presented and mixed by DJ BPM, showcasing unreleased promos, Grime classics and new releases - and dedicated to the sharing of a passion for Grime. This week's special guest is DJ Big Mikee - according to SBTV, the person most responsible for spreading Grime around the country and a figurehead of Grime in the Midlands. He talks about his influences, the release of his forthcoming album "Armageddon" and his upcoming UK tour.



Ernie And Bert Youngstar (mashup) Grime Street (The Anal E.P)
Formula 2 Youngstar
-I Luv U (Vocal) Dizzee Rascal
Eyes On You RMX Bossman
Wen I'm Ere (Vocal) Roll deep
Who's That Girl DJ Garna
Aailya Tribute Nocturnal
Resistance Dexplicit
Paperchase Davinche Dirty Canvas the Legacy CD
Big Mic Man (Vocal) Flow Dan
Liquid Adrenaline P Jam (Produced with STMM) Retrospective
Resolution Virgo
Gangsterz (Vocal) Wiley
What (Bootleg Refix) Wonder
Flute J Sweet
Gladiator 2 Alias
It's Ok To Creep Danny Weed vs Whitney Huston (unknown mash up)Grime Street (The Anal E.P)
Battle Riddim (Remix) (Instrumental) Mr Virgo & S.K.I.T.Z
Way Down Da Road Slewdem
Stupid Skepta
Heavens Reject Ironsoul
Pussy Syer Barz The Syernce
Love You Feel Ruff Sqwad
Straight DJ Mondie & Flirta D
Cheeky Violin RMX Low Deep
Hyperdrive Danny Weed & Target
Platoon Lewi White
Lets Go Bigga Man And Jammer
Ice Pole RMX (new era) Vocal Wiley RDR001
Fire Hydrant Wiley
Fresh Skankers Instrumental Waifer Still Grime Instrumentals EP Vol 2
Countdown (Vocal) Young Guns and Jammer