What Is The Most Meaningful Song You Wrote/ Produced And Why?

That's a tough one! There's so many, I've got to pick more than one! The first track would have to be, 'HARD DAYS,' which was taken from Rage's mix tape, 'Streets Of Rage' vol 2. I think it was around 2008-2009, I was going through a '80s music phase, I was listening religiously to a lot of it, trying to incorporate that style into my grime music to the point where it started becoming the norm to me!
When you listen to '80s music, it's proper melody driven, that's why I think it connects to more, that and gospel music, endless melodies and realness! Peeps like the Clarke Sisters, Teddy Riley, Roger Troutman and Phil Collins real musicians!!! plus they use a lot of funky sounds; back in them days them stiff kicks and chunky snares! You can get them from a Casio keyboard looool Them bait general midi sounds!

So, anyway like I said, when I made "Hard Days', I was trying to capture that same '80s feeling, down to the melodies, and drums, the whole atmosphere; Rage added the final touch! The rest as they is HISTORY. Go check that track out though, 'HARD DAYS' on Streets Of Rage vol 2 (Click Here to Listen); and the rest of the project, it's good music!!!

The last track, gonna keep it short, is 'FLEXIN!' (Click Here to Listen) the amount of love that riddim is getting is unreal! Plus, it proves to me that, "TOPS you still got it brudda!!!' Big up everyone supporting especially the DJs

Top Dolla 

Wow that's a deep one, because I feel every song I write is meaningful in it's own way.
Like you have the rawness and aggression of a song like Duppymaker (To listen Click Here) that can get you hyped up, but then you have a song like Political Musical with a calmer tone and powerful message that will make you think about life.
With that said all my songs mean a lot to me but I guess some songs mean that much more so here's my top 3

3) I'm going back to my first cd "Streets of Rage vol.1",to a song called " Streets raised me" (Click Here To Listen)
I picked this song because it tells my story, but also the story of so many others who grew up in poverty.
This is like a glimpse into the mentality of a young black male growing up in gang culture in London.
I just feel it's a powerful track and represents a big part of me as a person and how I grew up.

2) This song in my eyes should be joint most meaningful for sentimental value alone, a track from Streets of Rage vol.1 "In Memory Of" a song dedicated to my friend Big Jay who passed in 2004. (To Listen Click Here)
I never thought I would be a writing R.I.P song in memory of one my closest friends, it was my way of still keeping him alive even if it was just a song.
There were so many good memories it was hard to fit them all into one song but I feel I done a good job.
Rest in paradise Jay Middleton aka Big Jay gone but never forgotten.

1) At this moment I would say "Political Music" (To listen Click Here) simply because I feel the message will be relevant for a long time. It's all good making wavy turn up music or punch man in the face hype music but a lot of that is based on emotions which are temporary.
Every now and then I like to express my more conscious side and speak on facts of life and things with more substance, Political Music is a song where I did that.

Like I said before every song I make is meaningful and special in there own way.


Dear Diary (To listen to the track please click here)

I choose this song because at the time I wrote it quite a few years back. OK well a good few years back, lol. But this song resonated in me quite deeply. I felt there are a lot of issues when becoming of age that aren't spoke about in a way where people will listen . When I was growing up it was all , shotters, robber man , clicks , rolling 8 deep minimum and just lots of street trouble . I felt I needed to come out of the current mind frame and put my self on the receiving end of anybody going through stuff and what they might think . Take for example, the chorus goes "Dear Diary, I'm troubled and I got a troubled mind. Please let me write in you and show me what I can find." Now hearing that you can get a feel of what the song would be like .. I go on to talk in 3rd person being the different people in question on the song . Such as a troubled teen who joins a gang through following and ends up in jail for reluctantly stabbing a women to be accepted in the gang . 
At the time I felt to just approach music on a different level and to be fair st that time nobody had anything remotely similar to dear diary.


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