How did you get your names?


How I got the name Rage

The rage was with me from early, from a very young age I had a very bad temper.
I wasn't a bad person but I was a young hot head and used to get into a lot of fights.
Originally when I first started to write to music my mc name was FLAVA, inspired by my older sister Simone (R.I.P) who had come to live with us from America.
I was just starting to get into rap music so I used to soak up all the info I could about America.
She had been living in Flatbush, Brooklyn a real thorough part of New York well known in the rap community. She brought with her that fresh hip hop vibe, she knew all the good music she even had the accent and she could rap too.
So she was a big influence on me and my music, although I was only writing for fun them times it was the beginning of my journey.

Under the name FLAVA I never got past the level of a bedroom MC but all that changed when I started to get in to Garage Music.
This was around the same time I started to get involved in the street life and criminal activities, my bars started reflecting my lifestyle it was becoming clear I had outgrown MC FLAVA.
And then one day it came to me "RAGE" it just sat right with me it had depth to it, my whole life the one thing that was consistent was rage.
Rage against the system, rage from not having a father present, rage from being born poor, rage from racism and slavery all types of rage.



During secondary school, I think we were in year 8 or 9, Rage and me used to go to our friend's house, Sparkie and do a mixing session. It was Sparkie and me on the decks, Rage on microphone duties; them times I didn't have a DJ name so when it came to doing tape recordings I used to make up names on the spot. I remember one name though, I will never forget.

We were at Sparkies' house mixing it up, I think we were recording a tape that day, anyway towards the end of the recording we used to state our names and Rage asked me " So how do you feel that mix went," and I said something like "Nice, because I'm DJ NICE!!!" I don't know why I said that, but I definitely needed a new DJ name ASA!.

So, in the week Sparkie and me went back and forth trying to come up with different names but this particular name though, I don't know how or why he came up with this name, but it was a winner. I remember one Sunday I was at my grandparents' house, back in the day we had free voice mail, big up the one2one crew! I got a voice mail from Sparkie, he said "Yo, I've got a DJ name for you, why don't you call yourself Top Dolla?" I just sat down I was like, 'This is different', so I kept on repeating it to hear how it would sound; I left him a voice mail and said "Yeah, this is the name for me, this is the one." Till this day that is what I go by. Big up Sparkie aka 'Juicy Danger', because if it wasn't for YOU! there would be no 'TOP DOLLA.'

Top Dolla


When I was in school I had the worst stutter. (I know I know a joke right) but it was extremely bad, so I went by the name "Stutter K". This was in year 6 going on year 7, so I was roughly 12-13. When I started spittin (Mcin) I was half way through my first year in school and I was always told I was weird and quirky , kind of different , (as clichè as that is I actually think I am.) So then I wanted to be the new thing everybody wanted to hear , the new thing everybody wanted to know.

So I called myself Kraze, and ever since then I've never changed. I started spitting and kept up with it and the rest is iceberg history ...



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