"I've watched a few of those grime documentaries and noticed Slewdem hardly get mentioned, why do you think this is?"


Real grime historians know that Slewdem crew are part of the foundations of the scene and some would say the longest running grime crew.
So more time when I watch these so-called history of grime documentaries it does feel mad bias when there's no mention of Slewdem like none at all.
Especially when a lot of these artists came up around the same time so maybe it might be some peoples agenda to down play the influence Slewdem has had over the grime scene.
R.I.P Esco til this day I hear grime MCs quoting or remixing his bars and the fact that Ghetts made the "Spirit of Esco" song shows the influence of the movement.
The legacy of Slewdem and it's members is always present you just have to scratch beneath the surface.
As I say it's a pagan ting if your talking Grime and don't mention Slewdem.

Rage aka Gaddafi

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Who's ever documenting the history of grime, needs to F off to be honest! Naaah I'm only joking lol.

But on a real one that is one of problems right there, its like whoever is doing their research needs to research a bit harder! But at the same time who's giving these so called peeps the green light to publish it? Who's giving them the go ahead? When it comes down to SLEWDEM it feels like we get bypassed or sometimes we don't even get mentioned and if we do its like some likkle mention, we have influenced people in this grime scene especially when it comes down to the Slewdem sound, like I said before you can hear it in peoples music.

But then again I could say the same thing for other people who played a part in this ting who don't get mentioned whatsoever! We are living in a time called "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY" I won't lie some of it is our own fault as well this why we have to keep the fire burning its so deep when you look back at this in a couple years you will understand. this year was fully about removing certain energies, having the right ones and having the right balance, and between four of us its all about that positive energy sick riddims and just doing us.

Top Dolla

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