"What's The Realest Thing/ Advice That You've Been Told?"

The realist thing/advice I have gotten? there has been a couple, but this one and another one stuck with me "If You Don't Ask How Will You Ever Know" and "Patience"

I remember around 2009 me, my friend, his dad had a meeting with this rass hole music manager and his artist who we have been going back and forth about a management contract, at the time his artist was starting to really take off! Anyway fast forward we arrive at this place where the meeting is getting held we all sit down talking, having a bit of bants, this guy is gassing up his artist blah blah at one point me and my friend was texting each other while we was in the meeting like "this guy needs to hurry up man, wheres this contract so man can sign" because we was young as well you know how that goes you want everything now!!!

So my friend's dad started hitting them with some questions breaking down this contract, Because we was young and naive we could of signed our lives away!!! If my friend's dad hadn't asked all those questions then, shhhhhhit! Man would have been in a f'd up situation. Towards the end of the meeting it was agreed they're was gonna redo the contract up which was kinda long but it needed to be done because them percentages wasn't adding up whatsoever.

I remember saying to my friend's dad "how long is this all going to take" he said "be patient it will get sorted out and one thing you guys need to do is ask, don't just nod your head and say yeah ask questions, if you don't ask how will you know"? And I get that now! You need to open your mouth and speak, not just go with the flow gang, next thing you know your in a pastor ma$e situation tied up in a contract for over 10 years n shit lol.

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If we go back 19yrs to when I was 10 and was just getting into Sunday league football, my dad was my personal coach at this stage and would feed me with all the wisdom and knowledge he had of the game. Being on the touch line at training watching on. He could tell I was something special in the making but raw around the edges. I had pace but not the ball control to match my pace, kinda like Theo Walcott but I was 10 so it was acceptable.

My dad always used to say to me just relax and compose yourself, don't panic and do the easy things. This helped me immensely in front of goal as I managed to notch up 49 goals in my 1st ever season playing 11 aside as a 10yr old. That little piece of advice worked wonders as my confidence grew and along with the help from my dad and the constant coaching I was bettering myself as a player every week. Anytime from then where I felt under pressure or close to panic mode I just reminded myself of the advice my dad gave me: Relax, Compose yourself and don't panic, this has pretty much pulled me through some dark situations in life so the effect wasn't just on the football pitch it was in my everyday life too.

The power of words can be immense. Thank you Dad!


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One of the realist things I ever came across was in a book of quotes someone had given to me, there was many good messages but one just stood out to me.
"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it"

So simple but powerful words in fact these our words to live by.

Since taking in that advice I have gone on to achieve many things in my life, and always try to apply the theory of not making excuses so no matter how hard the situation may seem i gotta roll up the sleeves and deal with it.
In life you have to deal with a lot of naysayers and people that will tell you things can't be done for that reason or another, but let that be the truth they have to accept.
I will continue to push for what I believe in and be the person that's doing rather than making excuses.


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The best advice I've ever got came from my mum , a bit cliche but it was the realist thing I've encountered.


As simple as it is the effectiveness of the simplicity is powerful. I've incorporated this in my life from young. I used to be the type that didn't speak or ask for what I want, one of those people whom just assume things and even if I never quite understood something I wouldn't speak up.
This statement though became something like a mantra for me. Anything I wanted or needed to know I'd ask. In any situation if you Dnt Knw never assume find out and open your mouth. I teach my daughter the same principle. Never get angry or upset over assumptions and expect things will be given to you. If your mouth doesn't open how can you eat? Never expect things are given to you always ask for them and see where you stand in certain situations. Rewards come for those who actively seek it.


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