"Is Money The Root Of All Evil"

To be honest it is, money is the root of all evil, how much you or I wanna deny it, you see it in films, music industry, politics the list goes on. Especially, when it falls into the wrong hands and that's the problem right there you see what happens. look at all the political shenanigans, corruptions going on with these so called politicians lol!!! Going to different countries to invade and for what? Even over here in England the level of shegness is ridiculous!!! every month there's some iffy behaviour is going on, taxing this taxing that some made up ish just to cover they're backs. That's why I don't really get vex if a man/woman are doing certain things to genuinely provide for themselves their "FAMILIES" and not trying to keep up with some lifestyle you know the dumb ish! You see on social media lol.

Like I said, when it falls into the wrong hands that's a problem and right now we living in a time where desperate people are doing desperate things for the money. It starts from the top then trickles its way down, the people at the top are no different from people who are on the roads its that they wear suits

Tupac said it best
"give me give me give me, push push push"
And you know what happens when you keep on pushing people?

Top Dolla

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Money is the new god, we live in a world where you cannot survive without it, everything costs or has a price these days it's mad.

From the day you are born it costs money to maintain your life and provide you with essentials, so it is clear to me that money is one of the most important tools in life. Due to these circumstances some people will do anything to make a financial gain, and for me that's where a line has to be drawn.

If you have to compromise your morals, standards or integrity for a financial reward then that's where the evil part kicks in for me because your either evil to yourself and your own conscience or someone else. At the end of the day you still have to ask yourself was it worth it ? And at what cost ?

What is evil to me is a world where the majority of people are poor and a small percentage have all the wealth thus creating this circus we all live in, so no I don't think money is the root of evil just maybe the people that have a lot of it LOL



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As it stands , I believe that it isn't exactly money which is the root of all evil. I believe people are. We were given the gift of free will and choose to do as we want when we want. Money itself is a factor in a lot of altercations or fucked up situations but the catalyst is people. I think people using money as the excuse are just trying to use it as a scape goat and take blame from what is inevitably the sole reason for any mad up situation . I.E humans. People do a lot of evil things sometimes where money isn't even a factor. There are people living in poverty where money has no use for them but they are still doing evil things all the while.
I believe we as people are the reason and to use money as the excuse of why evil stuff occurs is to me pretty naive.



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Money in the hands of powerful people can make its route evil but clean hearted people who work hard everyday to provide for their families and well being are not necessarily routed by evil. People do evil things with money and people do positive things with money so there's a balance.



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