People say when a person goes mainstream they've soldout, what do you think selling out is, music wise?

I think going main mainstream and making music that your heart isn't in, is the definition of selling out.

Alot of people Get it misconstrued and think just because you make commercial songs you've sold out. But people have to understand NOBODY gets into music to solely stay underground, if you have a talent and can provide for your family through it then that's what needs to be done. But the whole thing is about being tru to yourself.

Some artist sign deals and are in reality giving the label permission to use them as a puppet and do songs the label wants. That is selling out, keep your dignity and lil bit of pride and make what you would make naturally.


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For me "selling out" is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the music scene, but to me it's just as simple going against your musical direction to hopefully make a lot of money. You only have to look at the timeline of some of our popular UK artists who have deviated from their original style to try cash in and increase their revenue stream.

The pop sound may give financial rewards but a lot of artists lose musical credibility and whats worst is, not every pop song makes money so you can be left in awkward position if you make that choice.
Not many artist have been successful doing so ( selling out ) and have later returned to their original style off music.
So I would say stay true to who you are and make the music you love to make, that way you can always be proud no matter the outcome.

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