What's Authentic Grime

Energy, heart and soul, rawness, simple, don't give fuck attitude! as well as, the major labels are not controlling or dictating how it needs to sound, where it needs go, especially if that person doesn't have a clue about the scene starts becoming like X factor! We are in control the deejays, emcees, producers, singers etc we as the people we're in control and it needs to stay like that to be honest.

This is why I like doing sets on radio! It's like therapy for me I get to play my riddims, the same way a person goes to a gym is the same way I like doing sets on radio no rules especially with my slewmaf team. Even the music, there's soooo much different styles I love that simple melodic type of grime where the riddim keeps on moving to different stages something you didn't hear in that first 16 you hear in the next 16 you can listen to it without a MC spraying bars.

Like someone said, "we make the best music in the worst conditions"

Top Dolla

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To me authentic Grime is inspired music at a grime tempo, by inspired I mean originally written and produced never heard before.
It is easy to follow a template, you can take a hit song and literally steal the whole idea and while you may receive praise for this musically you have done nothing new.
Things like this happen quite often and it usually leads to everyone making similar music and generally sounding the same.
For me authentic is when you break the mold whether it's lyrical or production the aim is to stand out from the crowd and add something to the scene rather than playing follow the leader.
There is good music and good musicians coming from the scene you have to take time to hear them through the noise but they are there and quietly keeping authentic Grime alive.


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