"Memorable Moments"


For me, it was when me and Rage went to cut our crew, Dancehall Mafia's fisrt dub plate I was gassed lol still got that dub up to now Big up sniper productions! While we was cutting our dubs, we saw another producer and we ended up cutting some of his dubs that was a bonus because back then trying to get certain riddims was peak, especially the ones that never ever got a release date! you had to be asking someone that knows someone that knows that producer etc... sometimes it was a long ting but at the same time we was young and hungry we was determined to get certain dubs! Even ring down your house phone looool.


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I'm proud to say I'm part of the foundation of this scene as I've been involved since the creation of "Grime"
(makes me sound old lol)
But truth be told a memorable moment for me was putting together and releasing my first mixtape.
The reason why I mentioned where I started from is because that is where my first mixtape started from, an accumulation of all the bars and flows I had up until that point was put into one body of work.

With production from the likes of Waifer, Heavytrackerz and Top Dolla and features from Esco (R.I.P), Wiley, Chronik, Jammer, Gman, Lex and Stana and so many more Streets of Rage vol.1 represents a period in Grime we will never see again.


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