A Tribute To The Greatest


Waking up yesterday to find out the Champ, The Greatest, a black King had passed away was sad news to say the least. For King Ali was not only a very successful boxer but he was a powerful man with a pure heart. He loved his people's and his people's most definitely loved him. He brought entertainment to unprecedented levels.

He spoke with a charisma and charm that warmed to millions of people across the world. He fought battles in and out of the ring and should always be remembered as a Black King, somebody who wasn't afraid to stand up to his oppressors and fight the cause wherever he went. We've lost a special person but his legacy will forever remain in our hearts.

RIP Muhammad Ali

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As cliché as it is, Ali was my biggest influence and inspiration... his heart was pure and he KNEW where he's strengths lied.

He was kind and gentle to the earth and a beast in the ring. His training regime was immaculate and his discipline was seriously something to be admired. He was a family man who left his children with so many teachings. I aspire to be as great in my own world as he was in this one.

It leaves you to believe that arrogance is not always something to be loathed, he was an arrogant man but with merit. He made sure his talk was backed up by non stop hard work. He made me realise that it starts with you yourself believing in your own greatness and letting people know that greatness is all that's destined for you but with a hint of subtlety as to not let people think your a prick...

RIP Ali thank you for the life lessons.

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Another day, another great!!!

I'm not gonna pretend I be like I knew a lot about Muhammad ali life, other than his fights on YouTube, interviews and his famous quotes. When I heard he passed away, I was thinking "raaah it was just the other day I watched his film" called the greatest, that gave me more of a prospective on Mr Ali's life. While watching the film I was like "this man is a different kinda of athlete and human being!!! Ali understood the boxing game down to a tee! when my man said he's gonna knock you out in such and such round, just know he meant it! no respect for your weight loool!

Other things I proper admired about him is he stood for something, He wasn't just a boxer he was an activist fighting for what his beliefs, in and outside of the ring. There was a lot pressure on his back, could you imagine being black, muslim and a heavy weight champion of the world back in those days? So much corruption going on just being black was a crime its self, everyday you keep on getting tested on a daily basis, trying to break you down mentally. Like I said before he was more than just a boxer, he was about fighting for what he believed in.

Muhammad ali aka The GREATEST.

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The recent passing of the legend Muhammed Ali has sparked a media frenzy, with all the main T.V stations and newspapers doing over-time on the story.
Unfortunately I didn't grow up watching Ali box on T.V so I could only watch old footage and listen to stories from my elders.
The way they spoke and continue to speak about the man lets you know the impact he made in their lives, he promoted self-confidence, strength and courage in a time where they needed it the most.
The rest of the world may look back at him as a great showman and entertainer and that he was, but for the oppressed people of the world he was a super-hero a symbol of hope and pride.
While Ali gets the praises for choosing not to fight in Vietnam, lets not forgot he was sent to jail in his prime and stripped of his titles as consequence to his actions.
It makes me think if he had not been sent to jail and continued as champion of the world, would he still of wanted to fight so late into his career ?
One of the biggest things I admired about the man was his supreme confidence, I don't feel in the U.K we see enough of that as most of us are too humble to brag.
You will rarely hear a person claiming to be the best in interviews, and what is wrong with that, do we not believe in ourselves anymore ?
Ali could punish you with his tongue as well as his fists, you might look crazy telling the world your the greatest but if you go and prove it who can argue with you ?

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