"There has been a lot of mind 'you don't get spun' talk in the scene recently! give a 16 bar to spin a guy"


I wanted to see your wig split like how I brake down big bits

Turn your lump into giblets, my minds on digits

You violate you can fly to spirits, revolver straight to your eye then spin it,

Look in to your face tell you I done did it, ring of the ting til my guns finished,

End of the barrel and your life done with it, your life tun spirit

You might come with it, but I come wicked

I wanna see your wig piece fly like wicket

Bloodsport, you can call it violent cricket

No bats, no pads just knives and millis

Where mandem are shankin and firing silly

And you can get sent to the sky no pity

Plus the mandem will ride out with me x2


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Kraze I'm a LYON
I came for the COOKIES,

This ain't your EMPIRE
Your lying your a ROOKIE,

Absent bars lyric book plays HOOKIE,

Not Liam Neason never been taken on
The mic no boy can ever say that he
Took ME,

"Why would I fly with pigeons,
When man a man ah EAGLE",

Mumma didn't raise no man to be feeble
Come back in it like a SEQUEL,

Come to move wicked and bad like a juju man's EVIL,

Lyrically clart up people lyrically I'm BAD claart up PEOPLE.


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I'm a champion, man get spun when they clash me
Usain Bolt on a track can't catch me
Flows in abundance go ask the youngers
Any violation, Daves gona dun dem.
Shutdown teams till the scene can't function
Dem mans breath smell stink like onion.
Who are you to be talking wicked
Your hype died but mine ain't finished
Anytime I touch mic I kill it so in a clash there's no way you'll win it
Mixtape download dead straight binage
Better send that shit to a 3rd world village
Lyrically slew Dem, batter and bruise them
When it comes to war I will out do them


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Top Dolla gives his favourite 16 bar; from D Double E

D Double not D Single
Who's on the mic riding the vinyl
quick with the easy and simple
MCs get murked if they're commercial
With no rehearsal you'll get a quick burial
Rinse them clean like ariel biological
First thing in the morn' like cereal
Cause you're messing with a Newham General
And I take this music personal
Rude boys they don't take it personal
If you bring your crew then I'll murk them all
Right there on the spot like Clearasil
Cause I told you before don't come single against D Double
I'll put the tip of the gun straight up your nostril and pull!!!

Think you're a big boy cos you go gym... you know the rest!!

Top Dolla


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