Has grime loss its raw essence?

I think it depends on how you look at the situation, because a many will agree that it's lost the raw essence but at the same we all can agree that it has evolved over the years. From youth club days to all-day festivals we have seen Grime grow from strength to strength in terms of commercial appeal.

I think it's a give and take thing with Grime, sometimes you have to lose one thing to gain another and I'm sure the artists making money from the scene are not complaining. I personally can appreciate the changes that have come because I believe better organisation leads to more success and it's long way away from turning up to radio on a random estate, where you never knew what could happen. These days it can still go off and get mad but the difference is the platforms are more established, more professional and artist have way more to lose than before.


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I would say YES and NO, I feel because of social media it has allowed people to bypass certain things, it's definitely made it a lot easier. You can go straight to periscope, snap chat, twitter etc... then say or do a couple of stuff for a couple seconds not even minutes just seconds lol, everyone gets hyped, video then goes viral then you become a instant hit, which is not a bad thing you got to use these outlets to your advantage! but, there's a difference between a couple of seconds and 1 or 2 hours major difference!

Which brings me to this..... Let's not forget the other way, which is PIRATE RADIO STATIONS!!! That's foundation, that's like the MECCA for emcees and Dj's! And this is why grime has had a heart beat for so looong that we tend to forget! Some of them pirate station's are keeping that rawness about grime. I think with any genre of music, when it becomes popular sometimes the rawness, authenticity goes! And that's just because we get caught up in this social media era hype!!!

It's about finding the balance you got to hop off that s#!+ and get back to the basics, like I stated before, let's not forget pirate radio stations, emcees, Djs and the producers 100% they all play a big part in what's going on in the scene and they are keeping that raw, crud essence going! Hopefully more will emerge and more stations will start to spring up and keep on spreading the sound.

Top Dolla


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