What memorable clashes have you been a part of or witnessed taking place?


Around the early 2000's when dancehall mafia was on Temptation FM, management arranged a clash so every crew that was on that station picked who they wanted to battle against. So our crew got called out, we was the heavyweights on temptation every pirate radio station has the big hitters that everyone locks into for us we was one of them, as I was saying we got a phone call from someone on the station telling us some crew wanted to clash I remember getting my records ready making sure I picked out the right dubs so everyone linked up headed to radio got there we see the crew who we was gonna clash, I can't remember that crews name but one thing I do remember is the crew who we was clashing one of the members had the same emcees name as one of our members, I always new this clash would happen it needed to set the record straight!

So anyway we went to radio I see other crews clashing it was very tense because it was live as well so you had to be on point, every crew that was on Temptation FM was there everyone wanted to be the top dog so finally we jump on the set I remember dropping that Aaliyah tune "are you that somebody" the instrumental, we was going in sending for the other crew then finally the two emcees with the same name were going at it both was saying stuff but at the end of the day like Skepta said "I have to deal with any imposters" kinda thing loool there can be only one in this situation so fast forward to now and he's still here, bars on bars, mixtapes etc... big up man like Rage.


Top Dolla

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I've come from a background of clashing within the grime scene being an Ex member of fire camp but all in all the best experience for me was clashing on Lord Of The Mics against Jammin. I felt as though I was almost forced into this clash for reasons beyond music and I went into this clash 100% confident of a burial and that was exactly what happened. No disrespect to Jammin because he definitely played his part but I was leagues above him on the day and it was very entertaining to watch as a whole. The after effect was healthy and my overall reputation grew so it was well worth the experience and will always be a prominent music memory for me.


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The most memorable clash I ever had I would say , was on Raw blaze 90.00 against lightning from younger nasty. This happened like 2005/06. Me and shorty smalls was forever going at em in youth clubs such as princess Alice pub or Greengate pub. Healthy clashes , no need after but EVERY week without fail we were in the youth clubs going at each other.

At the time we were one of the few younger crews at that time that were putting in work and was known on the circuit. It finally all came to a head when Lightning came to one of our sets and clashed with me and shorty smalls (click here to listen, for the full clash click here). I have to give it to him , the confidence he showed by turning up by himself was beyond me. I feel we come from the era of clashing and going at each other. It was normal then in all fairness. Gave me the depth and strength to be able to handle myself in lyrical war


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