Whats your top five grime tracks past and present?

This is gonna be a difficult one lol

1) Platinum 45 - Jaws

This riddim here = automatic screw face mode loool, that bass was moving aggressive! The cut off effect on the bass as well proper sick!!! The drum pattern etc... big up man like chubby dread one of my favourite grime producers.

2) Ruff Sqwad - Misty Cold

This track wasn't your typical dark grime song whatsoever! Why I say that is, it showed a musical side of grime from the brass, strings and piano element but at the same time you could still spray crud to it. Dirty danger and Rapid brought that musical side to grime even up till now they've been consistent with it!

3) Davinchi and Katie Pearl - RnG

Got to give it to Davinchi, at the time early on in the grime scene there wasn't much singers on grime, you got that more with garage music. I feel like he broke the boundaries, having Katie singing over grime riddims proper melodic once again showed another side of grime musically! And as well as shining the spotlight on SINGERS!!! not every day emcees doing 16s, 32s bars on a riddim fall back lol. Hopefully both will do some more RnG vibes pls

4) Sir Spyro - Rude kids voices remix

Spyros been on a roll lately, you can't deny that bangers after bangers! I've been tumping out this remix for a while it's the way it drops then you hear the choir synths, bass, proper sick. It's always been difficult to try and follow up to the original song, it can be pressurising especially when it's a Rude Kid song. But Spyros remix defo lives up to the original 100% looking forward to hearing more bangers from sounds of the sir.

5) SlewDem Maf - NuttinLikeYours

That's all I'm saying.

Top Dolla

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Top 5 Grime Instos

Wiley =I will not lose
This tune will always be a classic for me, from the epic intro to the sick bassline I felt Wiley was pushing the levels higher when he made this track.
A true pioneer of the Grime scene a lot of his music was and still is the template for a lot of producers.

Wookie =Storm
This track is a masterpiece in my opinion the production is 10/10.
Wookie doesn't get the credit he deserves for songs like this, it's like he created his own genre with his sound but had to be label it as Garage or Grime music to sell records.

JME =96 Bars of Revenge
This tune will deffo get the energy levels up in the place, you just want to spray your heart out every time it drops.
RIP Esco check out his lemon guy freestyle over this he was way ahead of his time.

Rapid =Top 3 selelcted
Man like Rapid has been putting out classics since the beginning of Grime, this track certifies his place as a top boy producer for the scene.

So Solid =Oh No
Both the vocal and instrumental of this So Solid classic could go on a all-time Grime list, this track just never gets old percy ingle business.


Top 5 Grime Vocals


More Fire Crew =Oi
Watching mandem from our ends blow up nationwide with this track definitely made it even more epic for me but either way it is a banger and deserves it's place in the top 5.

Kano =Boys Love Girls
In a time where everything was so dark and cruddy Kano brought some light to the table with this cheeky banger.
A game changer in the Grime scene because there was nothing like it before it was different and catchy.

Dizzee Rascal =Jezebel
One of my favourite Dizzee songs, the story he tells is timeless and will always be relevant regarding social situations because there will always be a jezzy on the block.

Pay As You Go =Know We (Will be updated)


Esco =DTI Freestyle (Will be updated)

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