What do you think if any, is the difference between grime of the early 2000's and grime now?

It would be silly to compare the scene back in the day to what we have now, for the simple fact that when the scene first started everything was fresh, brand new and groundbreaking.

Them times you had no archives to look back on, everything was about originality and creating something no ones heard before.
Nowadays new Grime artists can spit over a classic riddim and gain exposure, which proves to me the power of the early Grime scene, a lot of good music got slept on.
I'm just happy everything seems to be going full circle and we are now appreciating and celebrating the Grime scene for what it has done for U.K culture, if it wasn't for the scene I don't know what I would be doing with my life right now, music has saved me.
All in all the early era of Grime music laid the foundations and gave the benchmark for the new generation to aspire to.


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I originally came into the grime scene around 2003-04 and back then the most practical and common way of exposure was pirate radio and live an direct in a rave. Social media was the bare minimal and sites such as MySpace had grown quite popular for artists to promote themselves. Now we have the likes YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitter to name a few which have totally changed the dynamics of how artists can promote their music. We used to cut dub plates at the music house factory and sell them in the few record shops supplying Grime, now everything is done online digitally which I guess has made things a lot easier for artists. I would definitely say that these changes have helped grime music and artists in general reach further heights and expand the culture.


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The difference between grime now and then, there wasn't a lot of social media platforms plain and simple! Like twitter, insta, snap chat etc.. back then if you was grime mc or dj your best outlet to get your stuff heard was pirate radio, even youth clubs, that was your best platform! You had to reaaaally graft hard not to say you don't have to graft hard now but i just feel with so much different media outlets you can become a artist just like that It's crazy! back then you had to really prove yourself!

Peeps can nowadays make a vid on insta or vine and become a over night hit where as me i had to put my work shift in. Two record bags some times three, my shoulders were killing me and all sorts just had flash back loool I was just trying to get to radio do my set and get myself heard! As well as back then there was only two big pirate radio stations in east not to say there wasn't other stations in but deja vu and rinse was the biggest! all of the big crews was on either one of them and the levels was high!

You got to remember we were competing against the likes of durrty goods, dizzee, d double etc.. so to stand out you had be different where as now i feel like some are trying recreate the golden era down to lyrics and vids but you can't you had to be there for yourself to see or even hear it! i want grime to keep on elevating it has to!

Top Dolla

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I feel that grime in the early 2000 was more authenticated. I say this because then music was solely done for the porous of fun. Now days it's turned to a money motivated thing. I feel if more people went back to just having the passion for it and doing it on that basis. I feel the music wouldn't be as diluted as it is. Everyone's aim is just do what ever to make money, where although it is about money sometimes if more people just had the passion and let money come after I feel we would be in a better place.


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