What were fond memorable moments for you in the Slewdem studio?"

(This post will be updated as their are a lot more stories! with some of them being Mad!!)

Ahhhh man, I'm gonna have to put down two moments that happened in the Slewdem Studio; the first one is a kinda of a funny one. I remember this day like it was yesterday; so basically we're all in the studio putting in work, writing, voicing tracks, catching vibes. So I'm there on the computer doing my thing, pushing buttons, making riddims etc. We had break by break, I mean lemon BREAK! Everyone's blazing, that studio look like a scene out of "how high" bare fuuuumes! Bare in mind I don't smoke, so like I said, I'm there on the computer doing what I do, all of a sudden I started feeling a bit light headed lol!
The amount times I've been around people who blaze I've never felt like this!!! So as I was saying I was feeling very light headed, I definitely needed a break! Haha So I said to myself, "Tops, it's time to take 5 bro." If I didn't listen to my inner voice I probably would have collapsed, lol! So I got up, went upstairs, it was even worse. I was like, 'Ahh, wtf man!' I couldn't escape the fog; it was coming from everywhere, every angle, no lie! I got upstairs and just sat down; I was high as a m#$%@!$$@%, my movement was like a snail loooool! So yeah, that was one of my most memorable /funny moments being in the Slewdem Studio, I will never forget hahaha.

Top Dolla

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My most memorable moment has to be the infamous "Slewdem studios!"
Let me tell you, the fumes would buss your whole face! I mean smoking the lemon all day, laying tunes, letting you brain float away. It was nuts! my voice was already high as it is! So smoking all that weed would kill of my vocals from early! Looooool.

Chronik and Esco ALWAYS had the stupid crazy run into the wall loud. (Weed) those are the guys that taught me about good weed.


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