1) How did you first join up with Slew Dem and what do you remember most from those times?

We all grew up in the same ends so when i started to mc I would do sets with Slew Dem and go on radio with them.
So when things broke down with Dancehall Mafia, I saw Esco around 2003 and he said we should merge the Slew Dem and Dancehall Mafia names to make Slew Dem Mafia a crew within a crew as they already had Younger Slew Dem as part of the team.

2) How have you managed to stay at the top in a genre where MCs are easily forgotten?

I'm not on top but i'm working on that, I've always been flirting with music for years i've just had to deal with life and all that comes with it. But all the top boys know i'm a top boy so i just gotta show the fans now.

3) How has the Rage Vs. Top Dolla Ep been received?

The feedback has been very encouraging considering there has been hardly any promotion for it. I think the music is speaking for itself which is a good thing right now.I should have some visuals dropping soon from the EP.

4) Will you and Top Dolla do "round 2" and drop a sequel?

Me and Top Dolla have so much songs together i could drop 10 EP's with him, but i'm trying to be smart about my releases i dont wanna over saturate the market. But you can look forward to a lot more coming from me and Top Dolla nothing but quality music.

5) Any plans for a Streets of Rage III?

Yes and no at the moment i'm focused on building my fanbase, SOR3 will be my best work and so far and i wanna release it at the right time.

6) You battled Fuda Guy and dropped Duppy Maker recently. Would you like to clash again? If so do you have anyone in particular in mind and can we expect more war dubs any time soon?

The culture of the scene is competitive so i can never say no i won't clash again, but i feel at this point in my carrer i'm just focusing on my craft and making it better. I done my war dub when the war season was on last year but i liked it so much i put it on my EP, but it's kinda a reminder to mcs that i'm always ready.


7) Is there likely to be another Slew Dem album?

A Slew Dem album is in the pipe line but i couldn't tell you a release date but i'm sure it won't take long.

8) What happened to Dancehall Mafia?

Life! Yh for real it was hard for the crew to survive with so much of the members in and out of jail but that's just how it is. But Dancehall Mafia will always be in our hearts shout outs to Stana man, Tempa, Twist, Armz, Squeechie, Lex, Shamos and Top Dolla the whole squad.

9) What would you be doing if music wasn't an option?

Honestly dead or in jail because i feel music saved my life but i wouldn't mind being a youth worker or a football coach training up youngsters.

10) Your bars are deeper than most MCs. Do you need to be in a certain state of mind to write bars, and if so can you describe it?

Really i just need to be inspired the lyrics will just flow and it's a beautiful thing, but if i'm not in that state of mind writing can be a chore. Sometimes i start writing something then leave it til i feel i'm ready to finish it it's all about timing you can't force greatness.But i'm always freestlying even without a beat musics in my dna.

11) What are your future plans?

I got big plans for the future for the first time in my life i feel free to just do music so look out for a lot more releases and just general hardwork from me and Slew dem. Non stop working you dun know the slogan.

12) You can pick one or the other, sex or success?

That's easy for me i feel everything comes with success only a fool would settle for sex.

13) Political Music is sick! If you were Prime Minister, what would you do to improve things.

Wow if i was prime minister for starters we would have a better national anthem. But on a serious note they would probably assassinate me for doing too much for poor people and trying to clean up this mess that were in.